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  1. Great guide my friend, definately gonna be helpful to the new VIP's in the future
  2. They do not keylog man. If they did, mods would of banned the users IP just for advertising it on tribot. Its legit.
  3. W29 is no longer the default world of tribot. Also, bot bust gathering starts in world 333 varrock center. You could find the schedule on these forums itself. Also, just search the oldschool forums and it should be one of the sticky thread there.
  4. 50M on eoc = 18$ at the cheapest price from playerauctions. Original VIP price is only 5$, why overcharge by thrice as much m8?
  5. ITS BACK! No, not the VIP gateway (which I hope was back), but we have an even bigger problem guys... Sadly, I noticed it again. Happy posting everyone.
  6. Some scripts already do handle strange plant random on its own. On the positive side We are getting more and more randoms solved! woo good job guys!
  7. This is cool and all, but seriously, im always on the IRC server and its like a cemetary. No one talks or responds to your questions.
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ this. Banned ^^^^^^^^ That is not the reason I got banned m8. I got banned for creating multiple accounts and giving negative reputation to the same person. Btw, I am reporting your post for unessessary posting.
  9. This is wrong. Not all scripts are flawless, and for a script to be premium, it has to be flawless. That is why we need to make it free first, for testing, and if it gets enough good foodback on being flawless, then we make it premium.
  10. True, alright thanks man
  11. Yup, people with no wisdom what so ever in botting. The goldfarmers with 10+ accounts don't have time to watch over each flax picker, and more or likely get banned.
  12. Of course they are a total joke. Jagex does this jsut to show the community of bot haters that they actually do care. The method itself is not reliable and effective in actually banning the bots. Jagex are aware of this, and jsut do it to show the community, and thats it.
  13. Quick edit again. Got rebanned. Will be reposting this thread on my new account.
  14. Guys, don't create multiple accounts to give negative reputation to other members. It will get you banned permanently on tribot, just like what happened to me..even though the mods were too lazy to review what actually happened and who started it. Quick edit, my old tribot name was "Tony" before it got banned, unbanned, then rebanned.
  15. I am waiting myself for a solution m8.