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  1. add me on skype: kastonas007
  2. restart client or delete .tribot folder and then start again it should help
  3. Worthy i added you in skype, help me out when you can
  4. On LG this script pretty much for me all the time does shit. Doesnt swtich prayer in jad phase always gets hit, get more items than he needs, when going to dock (using charter route) goes to freaking mountains searching for bank, after death it doesnt equip bolts and etc.....
  5. script was failing to detect trident and i deleted .tribot folder now when im trying to start the script it doesnt grab the gear when i push button
  6. it doesnt grab gear when im trying to start the script, running on LG
  7. I was botting max 7 hours a day with breaks and pretty much was always babysitting it and still got 2 days ban. not using LG
  8. http://prntscr.com/drqz5r is it still safe for me to bot? if ill get ban will it be 2 days or perm?
  9. deleted hooks.dat file the script still doesnt know the item prices.
  10. it doesnt know the prices such items as addy bars, battlestaff, raw sharks and etc.
  11. cant start the script because i cant get gear saved, everytime i save it and try to start it, it just doesnt edit: it starts if the travel route is with zulrah scrolls but not the charter route
  12. How many credits are you buying: 20Have you added me on skype?: yes Are you paying with 07 or Rs3 gp?: yes
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