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  1. Hello, Oh, I was meaning if running your script for about 4-8h a day, with Looking Glass. What you think, how long account could last?
  2. Hello, If using Looking Glass, then how long account(s) normally last?
  3. Hey, I have sent an PM to you! Waiting for answer, Regards
  4. Sad is that, if my calculations are right then ur only making a bit lower than 100k per hour per account (if u got Runecrafting below 91) http://pastebin.com/mKmxfpda - Calculations
  5. Super hard to get kill, swithced A LOT worlds before got one kill... Used a lot runes because of that.
  6. Savisaar

    Crafting bot

    Hey, Is there any "FREE" Crafting bot, what crafts example Jewelry and Enchants them same time?
  7. Hey! I am thinking to get BlastFurnace script as well and make bot farm . My question would be. How many Steel Bars per Hour? How many Mithril Bars per Hour?
  8. Savisaar

    How does the bans work?

    Warning is in RS3 only like I've got it.
  9. Savisaar


    Hello, So I've bought already creds, but now I tried again and it's said: Payment failed: We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent." I'm trying to use PayPal.
  10. Thanks! Waiting for it , It just right now makes everything 5x times harder, but im looking heard forward !
  11. Begging for quick update! It doesn't stop an script which doesn't allow to do trade .