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  1. Haven't posted here for a long time, but I have gotten a quest cape now and here's one picture of my stats
  2. Hey, I don't have any pictures sadly at the moment, but I have done: * Some Quests * Got Heron Pet on 51 Fishing * 70 Attack * Slayer Helm
  3. If you let your accounts "sit" or let them age a bit, you have lower ban chance.
  4. Yo, Didn't play a lot today, but did something I hope so :).
  5. A Story - I actually started RuneScape on 2008 if I'm correct. In that time I never was a member, was only doing basically Hill Giants... Then that game like fall behind.. RuneScape 3 came it was awful etc.. So one day I heard that Old School RuneScape is back and I though. Woah! That's something what I would love to play, I'll give it a try, but then I noticed that you have to be a member. So around 2016, I wanted to start playing OSRS, but I though I just can't and I will stop, because I will feed "lonely" if I play it just myself. So one day, I had nothing to do and I started playing OSRS. and I think I have been playing it for now 1 or 2 months and yep I love it :D. I'm making this Diary, so I could keep myself even more motivated playing that game and maybe meet some more awesome OSRS players and get even some good tips? It's probably not the right place where to post a diary (In a botting forum, but that doesn't really matter in my opinion). Goals for October 31st - Recipe of Disasters (Not Done) - 200 Quest Points (Not Done) - 1400 Total Level (Not Done) Pictures Account Stats:
  6. Hey! July 25, 2016 Time for 1st update. I just bought an VIP-E & my script, made 3 accounts using Socks5 & manually did the tutorial island. Now waiting clock to get 17:40 in my time, then I will be purchasing gold, to buy stuff for my accounts, and at 19:15, I will be starting my bots.
  7. Naah, not that. I mean in code, if you compare it with example C++
  8. Java is one of the easiest btw.
  9. Hello, Oh, I was meaning if running your script for about 4-8h a day, with Looking Glass. What you think, how long account could last?
  10. Hello, If using Looking Glass, then how long account(s) normally last?
  11. Thanks Today, on the morning. If I'll start doing accounts & buying stuff.
  12. Hey, I will be starting my own little gold farm on 25 July 2016. I though I'll create this little "Diary" so I could keep track on myself & have even more motivation doing the thing :). I'm kind of beginner in gold farming career, so I'm not starting on anything private. Going to buy an Premium script on TriBot and run about 6-8 hours a day, with 3 accounts for the start. If I got some kind of knowledge, then thing is going bigger. I will be posting pictures, bans etc information.. I hope people will have "fun" reading this little diary.
  13. Hey, I have sent an PM to you! Waiting for answer, Regards
  14. Everyone makes mistakes Thank You Sir! Have to check about those Energy Potions. 200 needed for 1hour botting ?
  15. What "estimate" you guys would give how long Orb account lives? If example bot 4 or 5 or 6 hours and then break for number of hours?