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  1. Okay script, using it currently with a f2p style pure. Have a few issues though. 1.Needs a loot arrows upon death option, sometimes it will just randomly go in and snag arrows mid fight. 75% of the time it will make it out without damage, but it can end up in a lot of damage.2. Sometimes it will attempt to target the fire giants on the north west wall when using the east room option. Again this results in a lot of damage delt.3. I'm not sure if the banking is wrong, or if I'm doing something wrong. Found myself in lumbridge about 3 times using the script, prior to that I was very low on food.4. Paint is pretty ugly, and a bit too in your face. Would be nice to see a simpler paint style. ---- As far as the script goes, 7/10. If you'd like some range exp on a pure and dont mind lightly babysitting the bot its pretty good. I play league while it's running and check after game on the food supply, for that it fits my needs.
  2. The account is p2p. It's just a f2p build.
  3. @HeyImJamie @mithrilman It is pretty brutal now. This account is only a low level f2p pure, with a mid 80s money making skill and only 5 quests done. It's not like it would take long to remake. I don't have the patience to play runescape correctly anymore. (Being that I'm 24 and like to think I have a social life) I'm assuming this is my final account, but I'm trying to make the most of it while I have it. Since f2p pking is very nostalgic to me.
  4. @adamhackz Oops, actually don't do this. Lol
  5. Before posting links, I've read the bot safety. I'm a long time botter, since the glory days being 2007ish erra of runescape. But things have changed since then. All of my accounts have been banned, that's fine. All I like to do is pk on the occasion between ques of league of legends. However, my current one I'd like to keep going for the duration of the time I play runescape. My botting schedule goes as follows. I log on the account after work between 5-7pm, run a premium profitable skilling script and give the botting a break every so often, so I can use it for pking. Then return to either the skilling script or a training script later on. Shutting down the bot between 11pm-1am. I do not use breaks, I just hit the pause button when I get up for a drink or use the restroom. I'd like to think that would be the best way to mimic a human player. -Would setting breaks be safer than hitting the pause button? -I currently only use one skilling script and one combat script made by different people, should I invest in 2 made by the same person? - A VPN is not an option, and many accounts have been banned on this computer. I have swapped IP addresses, so does this influence my risk? - Is there any further method which I can keep my account safe? Big thanks ahead of time for whoever provides me with some insight on the situation.
  6. Got a 1 day ban the day of writing this. (left it on overnight and it maxed out on points and clicked to re-enter for god knows how long.) Could possibly get an account to 55 magic and drop some supplies on it, but my gold is on the one account.
  7. First off this is a fantastic script. I've reached 55-88 magic and counting gaining about 20m+ profit. However there's a few issues. - Once you reach max points in a room, you will continue to try to enter the room. This is blocked by a message, blablabla you've already earned all the points that you can in this room. - If you forget your hat the script doesn't notice and continues to enter the room like above. - Should add staff swapping get's annoying on how many times you have to restart the script when you forget to equip the correct one. - If you click re-run script the client crashes forcing you to close it out through task manager. Cheers for the great script otherwise.
  8. Confused. Ran this script for the first time today. Logged out then came back later and my entire bank was cleaned. (only other script ive been running was MTA for about 2 weeks no issues.)
  9. I'm not offering to sell the accounts here. It's a general question. Like if I made a decent pizza, would people in my area buy my pizza.
  10. Two different computers + proxies
  11. F2p the best gold farm you can get via woodcutting is Oaks or Normal logs. Curious if there's a market for 60+ Wc accounts? If so how much could I sell them EA. in order to boost my profit. Can pump out 8 accounts every 2 days.
  12. Rsps feel like an unfinished version of runescape. Lots of buggy shit. Very young community. Lots of pricks. Donation based so Bosses don't drop jack shit. (Had an admin item which made you never hit 0s, killed about 1000 arma bosses no items) All servers hold this in common. Runescape is better, but the grind is stupid. You can't get anywhere in the game if you only have a few hours to legitimately play a week.
  13. As soon as Wilderness Bounty Hunter came out. Bots were too good. Wasn't afraid to bot random 99s on my turm zerker. Wasn't ever banned. The good days.
  14. Its likely you were banned for botting previously.