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  1. Still bumping / looking at this if anyone is interested. So far I've played one guy's promos and got someone from Silver 2 to Gold 5.
  2. Just to play your placements? I'd rather you give me a desired rank in case something weird happens one of the placement games. It'd be very unlikely I dropped more than 1 of those games. But if it was just for those 9 games I'd say maybe 5m?
  3. Just to put a price point out there, let's say that if you're Bronze 5, I'd be willing to take you up to Silver 5 for ~11M. Not really too familiar with this site but I'd be more than happy to chat on Skype and figure stuff out. Add me at pennywisegray on Skype and I'd be more than happy to talk and negotiate / figure out a way to establish trust.
  4. That's fair, my current rank is lower LP Diamond 1, I would be willing to play one game on an account in ranked just to stomp and prove my "skill" or whatever. I'd also be willing to Skype with the person if that makes them feel more comfortable. Prices are definitely negotiable and would vary a lot depending on where the person would want to get boosted to and what they're at.
  5. Hey guys! Long time League of Legends player here. So I recently started playing 2007scape with some buds and while I was bored mining tin and copper I decided to check these forums and see what the state of botting was (I was banned for macroing major on two accounts the last time I played) and I got the impression that some of you successful botters had a ridiculous amount of GP. So I thought, OSRS and League are some really popular games, I'm sure there's gotta be a lot of crossover right? Anyway I reasoned that, instead of slowly grind out this account to a point where I can actually make meh money, why not trade someone a boost to Silver / Gold / Plat / Diamond on League of Legends instead? I don't know if any of you have seen the prices that many Elo Boosting services charge, but they're pretty insane. I'd be willing to boost for much less for some OSRS GP. I've gotten to Diamond multiple season and boosted many accounts into Diamond 5 with ease. One thing to note is I do play on NA so other than NA the only regions I could boost on would be LAN, and getting anywhere above Plat on LAN might be a bit tricky. (notice the search bar) Anyways, what you think? Is this a dumb idea? Would anyone be interested? EDIT: A lot of people are talking about building my rep and what not so that they can trust me. I was thinking I could do a couple of trial games for some people and maybe then those people could vouch for me? Maybe not perfect but it's something.
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