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  1. Suicide bot it out for 40 hours straight, that's how I would do it.
  2. @Assumption I am also selling gold... It's hard because lots of time and hours go into one order. thanks for the idea in a few days still no luck I will resort to lower prices.
  3. Alright thank you JMC. I will keep that in mind.
  4. Note: I only have 5 feedback so I ask you keep the bank to a 3m minimum. Before you use my service please acknowledge the following: #1: Take a picture of your bank before the purchase. #2: Keep bank below 3m GP, or trade it to another account. #3: All of the orders will be hand done. #4: Orders will be recorded upon request. #5: Within one business week the recording will be uploaded as a private YouYube video providing you with the only link. #6: If you have over 3,000,000 RS07 GP on the account, up to 3,000,000 GP will be refunded if missing. #7: I am not responsible for bans and I will be recording any and all transactions + orders. #8: Do not sign into the account until you have been given permission or else the order will be canceled without a refund. #9: Due to the kind of service this is, refunds can not be provided. Attack, Strength, Defense: 1-30 (10.55$) 30-50 (18.50$) 50-60 (17.25$) Ranging Include supplies or add the following amounts. 1-30 (9.89$) if no supplies add 1.90$. 30-50 (16.50$) if no supplies add 5.40$ 50-60 (17.25$) if no supplies add 6.70$ I am aware supplies may be slightly extra but to transfer money takes time, and time is money. Handmade Tutorial Island Accounts 5 Hand-Made accounts is 5.00$ 10 Hand-Made accounts is 7.50$ 25 Hand-Made accounts is 15.00$ (Upon-Request larger bulks may be issued.) Skilling accounts upon request! USA Hand Made accounts. Skype @ joshlikesu22
  5. Selling Rs07 Gp. Currently 33M in stock. Hmu on skype @ Joshlikesu22 Willing to negotiate bulk prices. Contact me! ====Check Skype names one previous incident someone traded a fake skype.================== - Incident was resolved and feedback removed.
  6. Also @YoHoJo recently completed a 40.00$ trade with me. And your telling me I scammed 41.00$???
  7. Selling Gold I will be on for another hour and thirteen minutes and I will be on tomorrow!
  8. 27M Stock right now. Tomorrow I should have 37M. Averaging about 5-10M per day. Add me on skype: gavinrapp77
  9. Check the forum posts of the bots and it will inform you whether they have been banned while using them or not. Happy botting!
  10. A lot of services do, make sure they send it as family or friends because they can not then refund it. Too check make sure on the details of the order you did not pay the fee, as family or friends they pay it. Most gold sellers ask for it but a majority with a lot of rep. I would just stick with family or friends until you hit 50 feedback or so. | Appealing my Negative Feedback | - To all people who see my name.
  11. Profile of user: maxedpure61atk Date: 3/30/15 Feedback left: Scammed me for $40.00. Has new skype ID. Refused to admit anything. Don't trade! Why should it be removed: He never confirmed with me over via messages on TRi-Bot until after fact in which he said I scammed him. On my profile if you look I have my skype name listed along with all of my posts. Someone impersonated me as "Delta 112". http://i.imgur.com/uRKW64q.png There is a picture of my most recent paypal transactions, the only 40.00$ trade happened 2/3 days ago and it was with YoHoJo for a successful 40.00$ transaction. I have a good reputation so far and I also have messages of me trying to help with him cussing me out and threatening to hack me; anyhow upon request I will submit this evidence as well. Thanks for your time. Official Skype @ joshlikesu22 Office TRi-Bot @ Delta112 Thought I should include my skype profile name; http://imgur.com/Mot5ORP {Updated}
  12. There is no safe way too bot. Gathering skills are notoriously high for being banned such as; fishing, woodcutting, hunting, mining.... Good luck, remember to use breaks.
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