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  1. I will trade my 3 month Xbox live card (USA) For 07 Gold.
  2. Your fault you have known there is a problem you should have accounted for it already and invested in a Ring of Life. @TRI - Can you please make it so when you are safe range fighting a giant and one spawns and attacks you (West Side) That it sticks to killing the Giant that it is currently attacking instead of trying to kill the Giant who had just spawned this casuses confusion and it makes me take more damage than I would like to at all, can you please add a safer way to safe spot these for pures man please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look into this TRI, I greatly appreciate your frequent updates with this bot, Only thing I have noticied is that as a pure walking to safe spot can be very deadly, could you please engineer a safer way to range as a pure here ?
  3. Bot after one run goes back via varrock obelisk and it gets to dragon isle and then it doesnt seect fire cast and it gets stuck in a loop of trying to select right cast mode can you PLEASE fix this I have had this for week now and have yet to have a good progress report :/
  4. Good call , druid that kid is really arrogant... and very nice script , I've noticied is it gets caught up sometimes at the bank and when it gets attacked by Market Guard it just sitts there trying to still pickpocket and I almost died , any advice ??? :/ other than that nicely done man I love your scripts, your fletcher is godlike! (:
  5. Is this script working for ranged yet ? Can you please add ranging to this it would make it so much better and It would increase your sales for sure.!
  6. Whipfulld

    Tea Time

    Just about every random breaks this bot down, doesn't last for more than 45 minutes man :/
  7. Only Issues I have right now are grave digger random and Security Guard random.
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