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  1. I asked how to have this script Autocast the spell not how to actually "cast it".. numbskull. How do I train Magic w/ this script??? I need to Superheat and Autocast but can't find it anywhere on the script. Does it exist?
  2. proxies are extremely laggy. I get logged out every 1-3 mins with only one bot on. I bought 20 of these and am already experiencing issues. My computer has nothing running besides the one client. is this a persistant thing?
  3. Thank you. Problem solved
  4. everytime i try to enter a proxy the information clears and does not save. What seems to be the problem? how can i fix this? Any info would be great.
  5. When I attempt to enter a proxy to my list everything clears as soon as I enter the next piece of information required to set-up a proxy. Is there a way to fix this? I've paid for VIP Extended JUST to use this feature. Please advise. Thanks
  6. i thought if i pressed deny it would stop popping up everytime i loaded the/a script. guess it didn't really work out how i hoped lol. changed to always allow. thanks for your help and quick responce YoHoJo/Red_spark
  7. Thanks, worked like a charm. much appreciated
  8. I hit "always deny" on request has been made to connect. script won't load anymore how can i fix this? Thanks for the help.
  9. How old are these accounts? What are you doing to train your rc levels? Maybe it has something to do with where you live / ip. 5 accounts banned today with respectfully trusted proxies.
  10. Am i able to convert these into http proxies and back to socks5? or there is there nothing i can do about the protocol? I would like my proxies to be able to peruse on teh googles via http and still run tribot via socks5.. i'm still a newbie so any information would be appreciated.. Thanks Please provide link to solution or suggestion if possible.