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  1. Seems like a nice script overall, however for the quest I need it, it unfortunately doesnt work all. The quest is prince alis rescue and it keeps getting stuck during walking and other things while solving the quest around every 3-5mins I could try to provide exact details but I think those issues will also appear if you do a test run of the quest yourselves, since there are quite some Would be much appreciated if you could fix that, also added you on skype in case you require more detailed information
  2. really broken and flawed script dying for me too and messing up constantly+ is very bot like is there any way to get a refund? .. script writer is ignoring pms and thread too
  3. eoc gp worth nothing, and 07 too many bans and effort, because you always have to restart the bot like every hour or so because tribot staff is too lazy to fix any randoms
  4. max length the script ran is 1-2hrs or even less before it will die to a combat random, ill try to find out which one it fails specificly but as for now, it seems like most dont work judging from the frequent crashes. would be really nice if you could fix it
  5. yeah already wrote you on skype about it like one week ago please fix yanille, always crashing at the stairs with this error: [11:36:12] java.lang.NullPointerException [11:36:12] at scripts.HamoodAIODruids.run(HamoodAIODruids.java:1132) [11:36:12] at scripts.org.developer.loader.Loader.run(z:485) [11:36:12] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [11:36:12] Script Ended: DevLoader V2.
  6. request for validation error here too still on centos
  7. crashes at yanille after climbing down the stairs aswell but i guess we have to wait until dev is back
  8. same problem here on centos
  9. detects door and stairs again now but for some reason when it tries to climb down the stairs it will suddenly click back to bank and keep running around in that endless loop at yanille
  10. this happened to me today with newest script and tribot version, and it mustve been doing it for a while since my xp/h went down to 17k from the usual 21k on a 4hr proggy
  11. would be nice if you could make it instantly attacking another druid after killing one, so it doesnt wait for loot,really slows it down oh and could you tell me the script id so i can use it on linux?
  12. done, went fast and smooth tyvm will def buy again
  13. talking to you on skype right now
  14. script is pretty much 100% ban atm, 1 account banned after first day of using it while still at trop wagtails, other one banned after one day of grey chins and 3 others banned after few hours of red chins (all of which are perm banned now since i kept botting after the 2 days ban), im not complaining or anything since its not the fault of the script that jagex is monitoring all hunting spots, but im just saying guys if you care about the accounts (i didnt since it were my goldfarmers) dont bot hunter at all at the moment
  15. btw why did you tell kind of a different story in your video?