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  1. can you give the option to drop clue bottles?
  2. Cycle

    Selling 4 Credits

    Bump. I AM going FIRST!
  3. Cycle

    Selling 4 Credits

    I will go first. I am selling 4 tribot credits for 1m osrs gold each.
  4. okay man well, i really didn't talk to you on Skype, i didn't message you on tribot and at this point, its whatever. Hate that I'm going to lose my scripts but if you really think i scammed you, sorry
  5. Im really not lying? i haven't been on tribot in months and the only reason i came on is because i got emails quoting me in posts.
  6. That most definitely wasn't me, the runescape account isn't mine and why would i scam for 5m, whats that, $10? i have over $100 in scripts id lose, don't really play rs anymore but that doesn't mean i won't come back at some point and if i do i'd like to have my tribot account with my scripts on here to use.
  7. Just got this notification in my email, haven't been on tribot in ages. The account in the video isn't mine, and that is not my Skype account either.
  8. fast trade, awesome guy, done much business with him in the past and will defiantly do more in the future!
  9. pretty sure @erickho123 has a farming script
  10. @brandontrann it did for me, ran it for like 8 hours with no issues last night. I definitely suggest everyone try it. I deleted everything to do with tribot and redownloaded but you could try just deleting the .tribot file
  11. Script is working amazing now that i deleted my .tribot folder, thank you!
  12. Yea it's entered correct in the account manager, not quite sure whats causing it to enter it wrong, @TRiLeZ got any ideas?
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