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  1. Cycle

    Farming Script

    pretty sure @erickho123 has a farming script
  2. @brandontrann it did for me, ran it for like 8 hours with no issues last night. I definitely suggest everyone try it. I deleted everything to do with tribot and redownloaded but you could try just deleting the .tribot file
  3. Script is working amazing now that i deleted my .tribot folder, thank you!
  4. Yea it's entered correct in the account manager, not quite sure whats causing it to enter it wrong, @TRiLeZ got any ideas?
  5. @TacoManStan Does this support bank pins? When it goes to click on bank it will double click causing it to click the first number randomly(whatever is in that spot) causing it to not enter the correct pin unless the correct number is in that place.
  6. Cycle

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer v2 [Pyramid Plunder]

    @Aropupu I had tuna in my inventory when i started the script, and it is located @ the top of the bank. When it ran out of tuna, it went back to the bank and took out 27 saradomin brews instead of tuna, what am i doing wrong or is this an error within the script?
  7. Cycle

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer v2 [Pyramid Plunder]

    Thanks for the info, seems to be working great now. I guess deleting hooks.dat fixed it
  8. Cycle

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer v2 [Pyramid Plunder]

    Cant get this to eat, with ABCL and different hp levels in the box. I always end up in lumbridge, thanks to my ring of life. Please look into this
  9. I cannot, no matter what i do get this to use mouse key dropping while doing teaks at ape atoll, please look into this asap, thanks. @Druid
  10. I would make a video but i don't want to risk my account by running this again. I'll do my best to describe what is happening and if others could offer some extra information/explanation that'd be great! So pretty much what i noticed is it will click the minimap like it is going to a vein to mine but it will not mine the rocks that separate some of the different spots. it will just stand in the area next to it not attempting to mine it or go to another spot. If you need any more information please do let me know via Skype, if you have that. (I'll pm you my Skype) and if not please notify me via a pm here on tribot as to what more information you need. also, are you not able to test this yourself to see exactly what is wrong, that way you would get all the info possible? @Starfox
  11. Honestly, raging isn't going to get the script fixed any faster. I used to be like that but remember, scripters have lives to. Just ask nicely and wait patiently until it is fixed or it becomes un-reasonable and then request a proper refund using the proper template and making sure you have all the required steps complete. @Starfox Anyway you could give us an ETA on this script being back up and running great like it used to? @TacoManStan I believe you are apart of sigma scripts but i could be mistaken?
  12. Cycle

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer v2 [Pyramid Plunder]

    yea, right when i logged in i got a 2 day ban.