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  1. Well I can say I do not recommend this script. Nice settings but seems it is quite a high ban rate. Ran this script, and only this script, for <5 hours on LG and got a ban.
  2. Script still wont start without dying in NMZ, hp is 97. The rate at which the script eats the rock is too slow and it doesn't use mele protect while doing so.
  3. Script completely fails for me. Given the setup is perfect as well as given my stats(96range 97hp 95mage), and this is now attempted #15, all of them being deaths. Just by watching the script I can not say its close to being perfect and has MANY places it should be improved but it just doesn't work for me due to these issues. Will refund if I figure out how to when I wake up in the morning.
  4. I die 100% of the time before the I get to 1hp for ABS no exceptions. It will never turn on mele protect before eating rock so it will always die.
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