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  1. @wussupwussup - I've noticed when the script is walking towards Hopper to deposit the pay-dirt, CPU usage is extremely high. Any chance you could take a look at this and see if you can reduce this? And I've just noticed it again when walking from the bank to the ore vein (If there is some Rockfall in the way) E: Other then that, very nice script
  2. Assuming you are running the VNC service as root: /root/.tribot/dependancies/
  3. Why not train your bots up a few levels so they have some more hitpoints?
  4. Shouldn't you be happy? The script is made to level your character up....
  5. I can only laugh at people who are asking for extra time on VIP..
  6. Sorry, not going to watch 30 mins of pictures.
  7. Is it an Earth or Mind crafter o.O. Forum post says Mind but repo says Earth
  8. I take 4 trout on my trips. It only eats 1-2 when walking to the dragons, the other 2 get eaten for bones/hide
  9. He will get to the issue when he can, I dislike how you think you own the place.
  10. [23:43:40] java.lang.NullPointerException[23:43:40] at scripts.intRedDragonKiller.methods.pb.e(AntiPking.java:16)[23:43:40] at scripts.intRedDragonKiller.Main.a(Main.java:143)[23:43:40] at scripts.intRedDragonKiller.Main.run(Main.java:101)[23:43:40] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[23:43:40] Script Ended: IntRedDragonKiller.
  11. Walking back to the red dragons from the obelisk, I've noticed it walks right past the Green Dragons (north of the obelisk) and they attack the player, this could make lower level players die. Walking back to the red dragons from the gate, it still walks close to the red dragon spawn (west one) and then will walk north-east to the other one, letting both dragons attack the player before walking back to the safe spot. This only happens after banking when returning from the gate. Need a video? Just ask
  12. Running 0.4.1 - Will report any errors, thanks for the update E: So far so good, any chance you could add some extra waits in when using the obelisk? I notice it spams the paint/bot debug, FPS drop and I also see a increase in CPU usage. I'll record a video if you want explaining it further if you want EE: It would be nice if we could change the mouse speed via the GUI, could you implement that? I also noticed if you have Trout selected as your food, the next time you re-run the script it will default to Tuna, any chance you could look into that too?
  13. Got stuck here walking back to dragons after banking. Seems the camera angle was all the way down and missclicked the Oblisk, making it walk north.
  14. Got stuck here. If I manually walk south 2-3 squares it will continue. I'll make another video if this keeps happening.
  15. Recording a video of the bug. Will upload soon Edit: Removed video as it's no longer needed There is a video of the issue(s). Please watch the whole thing.
  16. I think it's getting stuck at Moss Giants because the next map chunk isn't loaded and that's where the Walker is trying to walk to. Will get some screenshots if I can today Just stays here until I have no food left, then will walk down to level 20, tab out, re-bank and repeat. It sometime will keep walking past the moss giants but most of the time it will just get stuck here
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