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  1. I kind of saw this coming and stopped using the script a week or two ago. I've spent approximately 50-100 hours babysitting it and, particularly recently, multiple red flags have been repeatedly making me question continued use. I love the script and it's served me very well, however for me the amount of anomalies I've run into have, for the time being, brought me to a halt. I'm really looking forward to V2! P.S Any of you posting ban comments, if you feel you must do this then please give a bit more detail as it helps identify any potential patterns. For instance; cash stack, account life, account stats and separate VPS/Proxy used (for multiple accounts). In addition to this it is worth noting that I've never had an account banned using this script, however I have only used accounts with age (6+ months), 1k+ total and <100m cash stack.
  2. Very lucky indeed, another magic fang 20 kills later. Roll on flax, snakeskins, coconuts and calquats for the next week
  3. Also got shield left half AND Tanzanite Mutagen All within my first 116 kills Looks like welfare fairs well (not botting)
  4. I'll take a look soon, I just struggle to comprehend what sort of change it can make to influence a 10x profit change, if that makes sense.
  5. Apologies if this has already been addressed but I haven't found an adequate answer from looking. What exactly does ticking the 'flip items' option do as opposed to not selecting it? I've tested with and without it and the results are staggering.. With the EXACT same item list, I gain 150k-200k hour when not selected, 2-3m per hour when selected. Thanks
  6. @Starfox I don't imagine this would be implemented anywhere this isn't a safe zone. Areas like the Blast Furnace, Motherlode Mine, areas that are safe but bot-heavy it could easily be used in. Although I agree it could be due to packet loss. @Enano25 Unfortunately not, I've no reason to be recording my gameplay Personally I think it'd be a smart way to catch botters in these areas. The 30 second period is easily disguised as a disconnect and would be very difficult to be spotted manually on an account being botted. A comparison between the occurrence upon a real active player, and upon a bot would surely show a vast amount of difference between the two. Again, just my two cents.
  7. Before I go any further...I may be completely insane, stupid or simply plain wrong. This is all speculation. I just experienced a weird occurrence on an account that I do not bot on. In a nutshell, I was mining in the Mother-lode Mine and randomly it was as if my account became disabled. I couldn't move, mine the rock I was next to, message friends (could type the message and press enter but it wouldn't appear to send) or simply do anything. I sat there thinking okay i've dc'd, nothing else. Until people on my friends list were still popping up as logging in/out and I then noticed that other accounts were still running around, mining the veins and the rocks in order to bank, completely uncharacteristic of a disconnect (my opinion). This lasted for approximately, if not exactly, 30 seconds at which point I was kicked off. I logged back in and no problems. The experience has just lead me to believe that this could POTENTIALLY be a bot busting tactic. Someone shows unusually consistent game play in a bot-heavy area? Whack them with a 30 second disable and monitor their response to the situation in order to confirm. If unlike me, they didn't start spam clicking everywhere trying to move/mine and message people in an attempt to test for a disconnect etc then maybe it could flag them as a potential bot to be monitored more closely or simply ban them upon kicking them off afterwards. I imagine most bots could become easily recognisable when held in limbo for 30 seconds. That's just my crackpot theory on the event. Keep insults about my intelligence to a minimum please
  8. Does anyone use the price checking feature? I'm curious as to whether it would make a noticeable difference to the profit margins on items. @Hungryhubraki If you don't mind me asking, are you using a low level account and how old is it? I've been doing on average 18 hours/day with no bans for close to a month also on an account which has a 1k total and over 6 months old. Bearing in mind this account received a bot busting moderate (2 day) around a month ago for runecrafting. My reason for asking is that I feel there will be a complex algorithm to determine whether accounts should be analysed not only dependant on their wealth, but on their account age and total level. Just my two cents.
  9. @cshultz92 Don't be so childish, many people use this bot including myself. I think we'd know if that were the case. Be sensible and scan your entire PC in case it's compromised and also consider the possibility that you may be victim to others methods of account hacking such as phishing.
  10. @Butta Yeah I was quite sceptical myself, thanks for the reply
  11. Experiencing something a little strange today. My bot ran perfectly last night and I stopped it this morning. I attempted to start it again just now and my item list was gone, as in the entire profile had vanished. I took this on the chin and recreated it from memory. Then I started the bot and it was lagging to the point of no functionality, however I feel this could well be a client issue. I checked at the time of lagging and running that single client was erratically using 40-90% of my CPU. This could also be a problem on my end but I figured I'd post it just in case anyone is experiencing the same thing.
  12. Yeah I've just tested it and you guys were right, thanks! @Tri @HeyImJamie @htmlcssjava However wouldn't this mean that selecting the 'repeat' option would attempt to repeat the break times at the same script runtimes and therefore not work? For instance: 01:00:00 Repeat 02:30:00 Repeat 05:00:00 Repeat After running through once, would it not attempt to break at a runtime of 1 hour again and therefore do nothing? Or does it effectively reset the runtime and will run through them all again? Again, any help appreciated
  13. Now that might make much more sense. I was under the impression that the breaks followed each other. For example the runtime of the second break not starting until the first break ended. I'll put it to the test, thanks for your input!
  14. Over the past few weeks I've tried multiple methods of trying to create breaks using the break handler quite unsuccessfully and if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great. I attempted to use this configuration recently which gave the following result: After the last break shown no other breaks were taken and it ran until it was manually stopped. The first break can only be the highlighted row above, so why was it chosen? Should it not run from top to bottom? The rest of the breaks taken have runtimes which should not be possible from the configuration I had set up. Any help is appreciated, although be gentle, it's very possible I've missed something obvious.
  15. Damn I completely forgot it was a Thursday. That makes sense. Been so busy lately Thanks guys!