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  1. Does anyone use the price checking feature? I'm curious as to whether it would make a noticeable difference to the profit margins on items. @Hungryhubraki If you don't mind me asking, are you using a low level account and how old is it? I've been doing on average 18 hours/day with no bans for close to a month also on an account which has a 1k total and over 6 months old. Bearing in mind this account received a bot busting moderate (2 day) around a month ago for runecrafting. My reason for asking is that I feel there will be a complex algorithm to determine whether accounts should be analysed not only dependant on their wealth, but on their account age and total level. Just my two cents.
  2. @cshultz92 Don't be so childish, many people use this bot including myself. I think we'd know if that were the case. Be sensible and scan your entire PC in case it's compromised and also consider the possibility that you may be victim to others methods of account hacking such as phishing.
  3. @Butta Yeah I was quite sceptical myself, thanks for the reply
  4. Experiencing something a little strange today. My bot ran perfectly last night and I stopped it this morning. I attempted to start it again just now and my item list was gone, as in the entire profile had vanished. I took this on the chin and recreated it from memory. Then I started the bot and it was lagging to the point of no functionality, however I feel this could well be a client issue. I checked at the time of lagging and running that single client was erratically using 40-90% of my CPU. This could also be a problem on my end but I figured I'd post it just in case anyone is experiencing the same thing.
  5. Yeah I've just tested it and you guys were right, thanks! @Tri @HeyImJamie @htmlcssjava However wouldn't this mean that selecting the 'repeat' option would attempt to repeat the break times at the same script runtimes and therefore not work? For instance: 01:00:00 Repeat 02:30:00 Repeat 05:00:00 Repeat After running through once, would it not attempt to break at a runtime of 1 hour again and therefore do nothing? Or does it effectively reset the runtime and will run through them all again? Again, any help appreciated
  6. Now that might make much more sense. I was under the impression that the breaks followed each other. For example the runtime of the second break not starting until the first break ended. I'll put it to the test, thanks for your input!
  7. Over the past few weeks I've tried multiple methods of trying to create breaks using the break handler quite unsuccessfully and if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great. I attempted to use this configuration recently which gave the following result: After the last break shown no other breaks were taken and it ran until it was manually stopped. The first break can only be the highlighted row above, so why was it chosen? Should it not run from top to bottom? The rest of the breaks taken have runtimes which should not be possible from the configuration I had set up. Any help is appreciated, although be gentle, it's very possible I've missed something obvious.
  8. Damn I completely forgot it was a Thursday. That makes sense. Been so busy lately Thanks guys!
  9. I've been quite happy with the script and using it quite a lot recently however I've just experienced something quite alarming. I get home and check the bot to find it stuck halfway to canifis stood still attempting to world switch and failing. Instead it was clicking in places on the screen keeping it logged in for, according to the G.E, 4+ hours. There's no evidence as to how it got there whatsoever. The debugs show nothing of note other than a constant attempt to world switch. If anyone could give a potential reason for this happening it would be appreciated to help me avoid it in the future because I am completely baffled as to why it would leave the G.E of its own accord.
  10. I would recommend checking in on any accounts running this script every so often just to intervene if it does get stuck trying to enter a tournament world, just until it is updated to dodge these worlds. I adore this script @erickho123 keep up the good work!
  11. I completely agree. My main concern for using the client break handler, or any break handler for that matter, is that despite the variance in the breaks (+/-) I still feel that it is too static for me to be able to have durable bots, as even a week long break handler will, if on repeat, show up a very consistent pattern which is unlikely to depict that of a human. Now across a few weeks or 2-3 months this may not matter, however for the level of durability I'm attempting to achieve (6+ months) I personally don't feel it will hold up. This is why I use my mildly erratic real life schedule as a shell for my botting breaks. In my mind this creates a more dynamic breaking system which is much less likely to form an unhuman-like pattern. Everything above is purely my current opinion and is very open to change.
  12. I'd like for as many people as possible to explain how they use the break handler in the client. My botting technique is built upon durability. This means having accounts with a long life span while still covering their initial/running costs and providing profit. In order to achieve this I am constantly observing botting methods/techniques of both the users and the scripts themselves in order to optimize my script usage and personal involvement in every single bot under my wing, as well as providing useful feedback to scripters themselves. Personally, after a brief testing period of using the break handler I don't use it at all, hence why I'm looking for feedback on it's use. In short if people could answer the following questions I would be very grateful. (Only applicable if you use the client break handler) How long do you run a script for on average? How is your break handler configured? (If you don't wish to be specific give a generic idea) E.g. Play for 4 hours +/- 15 minutes, then play for 3 hours +/- 30 minutes etc. How often do you change your break handler for that script, if ever? How long will your break handler be using 'unique' breaks until it starts repeating itself? Any extra information you can provide which I haven't covered in terms of your break handling usage would be very much appreciated and helpful towards my overall goal. If you find any particular question too invasive or compromising feel free to be vague or leave it blank. I've also added a poll to see how many people use what type of break handler. Thank you for your time.
  13. I don't want to compromise myself too much but I'm in one of J1mmy's upcoming videos, I think he said it'll be out in 2-3 weeks. Only started watching him yesterday but he's absolutely hilarious!
  14. I have noticed this before so it isn't coming as a shock to me. I'm assuming it is effecting other people but they are simply staying quiet about it. Logging in with the client wont be an issue as it is simply acting as a browser even when other functions of it are not operating properly.
  15. I would suggest you wait a day and see if the problem is still occurring. Updates happen to OSRS on Thursdays and this can often effect the client and/or the bots. I have also noticed that there is a delay on being able to start a script and once I do, I can use the GUI for the script but executing doesn't initiate anything. If the problem is solely from the weekly update then these problems are typically fixed within 24 hours.