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  1. @Fluffee Where should the connection settings save to? I really can't seem to get them to save. Plus if I even just manually put them in each time I still get the error once it gets to the captcha Edit: I'm also occasionally getting this too, but it seems random and I can't seem to recreate it. http://prntscr.com/jwrw5m
  2. Yeah I press save settings each time and they don't save, I'll see if I can make a GIF sometime soon.
  3. I'm currently attempting to create accounts and having a few issues. Upon running the script it encounters an error when attempting to solve the captcha: http://prntscr.com/jwpcjz Also, it doesn't seem to save anything other than the data in Accounts List, I can't seem to get it to save the connection info/tutorial island setting etc. I've tried deleting hooks/dependencies but to no avail. I've checked my 2captcha is correct also and the proxy is fully functional, however I assume I've made a trivial error somewhere since it appears to only be me experiencing the issue. Any help/advice appreciated.
  4. Jackthedon

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    You're a diamond
  5. Jackthedon

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    @Aropupu How would you feel about adding profile support rather than just saving the last used settings? Apologies if this has already been discussed.
  6. Do you have the ring of suffering in both the range and mage set?
  7. Jackthedon

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    You wont have gotten a virus from this friend, it will have come from elsewhere. Secure your pc with whatever protection software you have and then come back here and fill out a proper bug report so that people can help you.
  8. Jackthedon

    Credit Purchase Gone Wrong

  9. This is great, I love the direction this is heading in!
  10. I've seen this happen with other scripts also, I don't think it's much to worry about.
  11. If you're still having issues after going through the documentation thread then there will always be people in the discord server, including myself, who will be willing to help you out.
  12. Ensure that the Magic section of the gear preset includes the trident and not the dramen staff. Apologies if this isn't the case, but it's an easy mistake to make and many people make similar mistakes.
  13. To prevent low FPS when using LG: OSBuddy must always be minimised. When setting up Looking Glass load OSBuddy fully, minimise it and then proceed to hook as normal. If you maximise OSBuddy at any point it will cause a massive FPS drop that can't be fixed without rehooking. If low FPS isn't your issue try increasing your mouse speed and enabling F-Keys in order to make switches quicker. Also to reduce lag, use Worthy's Ping Finder to give you the world with the lowest ping: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2304-w-world-ping-finder/ If none of these fix your issue, feel free to PM me or ask in the Discord for extra help. (Discord link is on the GUI) To answer your question about deactivation, you will lose the script if you do this, it will not be paused. However there is often someone able to help you via Discord very quickly and this would be your best option to solve the matter promptly.
  14. I don't think it's currently in the works, as it's a feature that few people use and would probably require a fair amount of work that doesn't equate to the benefit of having it, especially when the time could be spent on other things such as the deluxe restocking feature.