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  1. Turn player attack options to hidden
  2. You can wear a Serpentine helm or use Anti-Venom+, it's simply users preference. If you're still having trouble feel free to join the discord for further help
  3. Looking Glass will be a bit slower but it's still very much doable. Make sure you have OSBuddy permanently minimised otherwise it'll tank your FPS and cause a lot more deaths. Feel free to join the discord also
  4. It's working fine for me currently
  5. I remember a while back someone was using a 1 def pure with 99 range/mage and getting a respectable amount of kills/hr. It's by no means efficient but it's doable
  6. For your first issue be sure that you consulted the documentation thread found here: If your answer isn't there, feel free to join the discord and message myself or any of the other users. For your second issue, that's often caused by not having "roof-removal" enabled which causes the tent to block the bank chest. I hope this helps
  7. Giving it a test right now
  8. Jackthedon

    What is a premium script you would like to see?

    0 QP Nieve tasks remove quite a few monsters which could form a nice base for a slayer script. Just a thought
  9. Jackthedon

    What is a premium script you would like to see?

    I'd be game on a medium clue solver, although it will take a lot of time to create and maintain.
  10. Jackthedon

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    @Aropupu Only currently using ardy course, but that's working fine with no issues if that's helpful.
  11. It can vary a lot depending on your luck with drops. I had an account last night get no unique drops and made 900k/hr profit with 86 range 82 mage. I also had an account last night get 3+ unique drops and made ~3m/hr profit with 96 mage 92 range. These values are with supplies deducted.
  12. Jackthedon

    zulrah slayer

    It's in-game under "Advanced options"
  13. Jackthedon

    zulrah slayer

    Do you have "roof-removal" enabled? The tent above the bank chest can sometimes block the chest itself if this isn't enabled and trigger the inactivity timeout. If this wasn't the issue then feel free to join the discord (linked on the GUI or script thread) and drop me or someone else a PM for further assistance.
  14. Ensure that "Roof-removal" is enabled. This can be found in-game under advanced options. There are other possible reasons but this is the most common one, if this isn't the cause then feel free to jump into the zulrah discord and drop me a pm.
  15. @Fluffee Where should the connection settings save to? I really can't seem to get them to save. Plus if I even just manually put them in each time I still get the error once it gets to the captcha Edit: I'm also occasionally getting this too, but it seems random and I can't seem to recreate it. http://prntscr.com/jwrw5m