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  1. To my knowledge it should work yes. If you could provide a GIF of this happening as well as the debugs (in separate pastebins) it would help a lot towards pinpointing the issue. Also be sure to make full use of the 'Read Me' file available from the GUI as it contains a lot of useful information. Again more information is needed to be of any real assistance. Feel free to join the discord (available from the script GUI) as myself and others can be of more direct help from there. Also note that a lot of useful information is displayed in the client debug with relation to the current state of the script and may help you also.
  2. Disable 'Dismiss Randoms' in your Client Settings (File > Settings). It's possible for it to be added in the future if you're able to provide a reason as to why it's beneficial to use the e version. We discussed it previously and decided there was no real benefit for using it.
  3. The 'Read Me' on the GUI has a lot of information in it for running the script, however purely for gear and such it may be worth looking through the zulrah strategy guide on the wiki: https://oldschoolrunescape.fandom.com/wiki/Zulrah/Strategies
  4. If wearing a serp in both gear presets it shouldn't bring the anti venoms I'm pretty sure.
  5. When using LG you don't want to be re-opening the OSBuddy/RL client after you've attached as this can cause issues such as tanking your FPS. Always view through the Tribot client.
  6. As for using swamp e, the script automatically refills the trident so there's no need for the extra space, as well as it being a greater wealth risk.
  7. Yes it can although you'll probably be limited to 1 kill trips for the most part, once you're getting towards 85/85 you can be looking for 2 kill trips more consistently. Getting 60 prayer will also be useful Imbued Heart is supported, the script will automatically detect it. It's typically only worthwhile with quite high level accounts that are doing 2-3 kill trips and the veng will just speed up those kills. You would definitely want to utilize a rune pouch if you do try it out. Personally I'd recommend trying it for yourself both with and without across a decent amount of kills and seeing if there's any noticeable difference in kph.
  8. You can wear a Serpentine helm or use Anti-Venom+, it's simply users preference. If you're still having trouble feel free to join the discord for further help
  9. Looking Glass will be a bit slower but it's still very much doable. Make sure you have OSBuddy permanently minimised otherwise it'll tank your FPS and cause a lot more deaths. Feel free to join the discord also
  10. I remember a while back someone was using a 1 def pure with 99 range/mage and getting a respectable amount of kills/hr. It's by no means efficient but it's doable
  11. For your first issue be sure that you consulted the documentation thread found here: If your answer isn't there, feel free to join the discord and message myself or any of the other users. For your second issue, that's often caused by not having "roof-removal" enabled which causes the tent to block the bank chest. I hope this helps
  12. 0 QP Nieve tasks remove quite a few monsters which could form a nice base for a slayer script. Just a thought
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