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  1. [Premium Scripter] Looking For Some Script Requests!

    Agility Pyramid would be a highly requested script. As the current one is garbage
  2. [ABC2][$9.99] Mute's Pyramid Agility

    Needs a update & a gui option to disable cashing in tops. Please & thank you @Mute
  3. @[member="J J"] Favorite script. Trying to buy premium version of your script but can't. It tells me you suspended sales on your script. Please let me know when I can buy premium
  4. hBirds - Hersche's Bird Hunter!

    ffs fix the script its awful
  5. New Client Error

    When you have a mysterious box and you get the 6 hour log out the log in bot doesn't start
  6. EoC vs 2007Scape

    I agree, you have to also know that Jagex is a business and the goal of that company is to make money. If you think for a second Jagex care about the customer you are sorely mistaken. Which do you think is going to make Jagex more money, incorporating existing accounts to 2007 or Having players redo everything they already have.
  7. TRiBot TeamSpeak Server

    Everyone including mods should idle in teamspeak
  8. [Flawless] Hamood Flesh Crawlers [100k-150k/h]

    Headsup, If you botting w377 there is a faggot reporting Flesh crawler bots
  9. Sadface, still needs a bunch of updating. Considering how many scriptwriters are leaving for *Censored*, I'd say the initiative needs to a bit more prompt
  10. Lost your rank?

    We can't post on the link you provided. https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/12313-out-of-vip/
  11. CombatHelper

    Strange error occurs when drink potions. It only drinks super attacks
  12. [50K/hr Total xp hr][Banks]The AIO Bandits

    I'd buy a bandit script if one were to be sold with prayer support, I don't know about you guys.
  13. [Flawless] Hamood Flesh Crawlers [100k-150k/h]

    Waiting to be verified before I download.