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  1. still waiting on my auth....
  2. Fear tactics dude
  3. Any news on if qqqchins is running right now?
  4. 500k, but he's out of the country atm
  5. ffs fix the script its awful
  6. I think there should be moderators assigned to each forum. I've noticed how much individual moderators have on there plate and well its just not plausible to have 2-3 moderators watch a whole site. 1 moderators one Subforum.
  7. Couldn't agree more
  8. When you have a mysterious box and you get the 6 hour log out the log in bot doesn't start
  9. Also please post a speedtest result. Here are a few places you can have one done. Speedtest.net www.speakeasy.net/speedtest www.testmyspeed.com/‎
  10. Welcome to the tribot community!
  11. Welcome to the tribot community!
  12. Welcome to the tribot community!
  13. Welcome!