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  1. White

    [Premium Scripter] Looking For Some Script Requests!

    Agility Pyramid would be a highly requested script. As the current one is garbage
  2. White

    [ABC2][$1] Mute's Pyramid Agility

    Needs a update & a gui option to disable cashing in tops. Please & thank you @Mute
  3. @[member="J J"] Favorite script. Trying to buy premium version of your script but can't. It tells me you suspended sales on your script. Please let me know when I can buy premium
  4. White


    still waiting on my auth....
  5. White


    Any news on if qqqchins is running right now?
  6. It is a truly great script but it needs a few things before it's truely flawless. -random protocols -out of combat timer(house leaving error/glitch)
  7. Some Key notes; Update Gui(to approriate rooms) Update telekenitc room. Update antiban Will add more as I read more comments and thoroughly test them.
  8. White


    500k, but he's out of the country atm
  9. ~~~~~Hosting house party, Combat ring~~~~~ ~~Pm white on tribot for house details~~ Status: Open