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  1. had quit runescape for 6 months, came back 2 days ago. Had the bot on at fleshys for 3 hours and got banned haha, shame jagex really seem to be on the ball atm.
  2. Thanks for the reply, you said if it cannot find the player to trade for X amount of minutes it will log, but i just got home from work and it's been standing at nmz, timing out for 5 mins, logging back in, timing out.. on going for 3+ hours perhaps more. How do i avoid this? xD
  3. if you have to buy games to be able to do this, do you have to put in someones username and them be the only person you can buy games from? What if they leave after you've bought 1 game? will the bot just stop?
  4. i just got banned on 4 of my accs all perm ban even though first offence! :\
  5. i doubt its higher than 23 tbh.
  6. Great script , I'm not used to waking up and having the bot still going.
  7. got it sorted now cheers
  8. i am . okay thanks.
  9. okay well, it doesnt show up in start scripts for me . how can this be fixed?
  10. Hey, i can't work out how to add this script and use it with repository, i've clicked 'add' on the script, now what? is it supposed to show up in my client when i press start scripts? thanks
  11. hi, havent been on runescape or tribot in 2-3 months, now i'm back i can't work out how to use the repository. are you supposed to just go into repository section, find the bot and press 'add', then it comes up in your client when you click start script? if not could someone please let me know how you use it. Thanks alot!
  12. wrong section soz.
  13. Cook's assistant is the easiest quest I've done
  14. it's probably twice as expensive to buy from a gold site aha
  15. It's my 21st birthday today ^^, we best start sorting out our pension