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  1. https://tribot.org/forums/profile/442397-og-sticks/ User is banned on Sythe for many many scams leading to 10B 07. Please note, he also has some fun interesting hobbies, such as sexual abuse and such which can easily be confirmed via Sythe staff. https://www.sythe.org/threads/playerauctions-issues-resolution-thread/page-89#post-38219014 for a few of the scams.
  2. Script just stands at the wheel doing nothing.
  3. Script is very much broke. Runs you from lumbridge bank to the spinner then stops the script.
  4. It's possible however there hasn't been a leak for a while, and my profile over on there is always secure
  5. Yes my exact email. I changed my password either way
  6. The address given tried accessing my account, not quite sure how or why. They got blocked however so just seeing if it's linked to someone.
  7. Not sure. I haven't logged in for ages, the stuff was blocked however, and it's possible to lead somewhere.
  8. Just got an email, excuse the change of my ip (I'm in the same town still just at a different address) Sorry for the mess posting from mobile ATM. Lund, skane, 22359, Sweden. Will show mods the email if they need it pm me on Skype.
  9. Hi, welcome my friend. Butta is a good guy.
  10. Hi, sorry for the late response. I only sell gold via the site I work for now, also gold is more than $1/mill.
  11. Dbuffed

    Buying VIP credit

    Tell him to PM me on Skype if he wants to sell xD
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