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  1. Started with ice gloves in invent & equipped, and every time I go to start the trial it banks them to withdraw a bucket.
  2. Set up for Master/Slave method with 5 runners, but none of them offer out a trade to the Master and I have to manually accept a trade from the Master account. Am I setting it up wrong or?
  3. JustBenH

    Missing VIP

    Purchased using credits and it shows as 30 days remaining on my overview page but there's no rank or access to VIP benefits within the client. Edit: Can see forum rank now, but not on the client: Have tried to delete the dependencies folder & restarting tribot 5x over, still nothing.
  4. Agreed. Seems to be not much variation in the route it takes, @ericko123 can we get a little more variance in the path it takes?
  5. Any chance you can make it support the private hunting area too? I tried to set up in there but it doesn't recognize the trap locations
  6. You can note them all and "Decant" at the herbs guy at ge. He'll make them (4) for you.
  7. JustBenH


    Everytime I use LG with OSBuddy and start a script, my FPS immediately drops to somewhere between 6-9. I've checked all the settings, my paint sleep delay is around 63. Lite mode is on, disabled graphics & user input. Any ideas??
  8. Getting 9fps on lg despite having followed all the other links? soon as the client closes the fps shoots back up
  9. Hey man, idk why but it seems to be really slow with reaction times for hotkeys, when used with lg osbuddy tells me im getting 40k/hr doing oak planks?..
  10. With the exception of passive damage it is, yeah.
  11. Tried using RuneLoader with LG and all I get is a black screen. I hate OSBuddy, it's demanding as hell - what other clients are there that actually work? I can't use Konduit/vanilla client with LG
  12. By turning off reaction times, would this increase the chances of my character fixing/lighting the brazier? It seems to miss quite a few mid-game.
  13. Sorry but, how does this work with LG please?
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