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  1. Curious what the ban rate is on this?
  2. You need to go into your .tribot folder and delete the gear setup within this scripts folder.
  3. Thanks man.
  4. Most likely, the Christmas event update has broken something.
  5. Worked yesterday but not now, maybe the update fucked something up but it doesn't flick prayer.
  6. Very fast transfer, thanks so much! Will use you again for sure.
  7. Love this add-on, my only gripe is that it does sometimes get confused on the rotations for me, and tell me the wrong thing coming next. Is there a way to predict what rotation is coming next if you fail to kill Zulrah the first rotation? Doesn't happen to me very often but when it does i's such a waste of a trip, as usually itt's down to <30HP.
  8. What staff do I need for lavas? I thought earth battle, but apparently not? Edit: Steam staff. But now it asks for astrals even though i specified i don't want to use them?
  9. I'd say get extended over regular purely for the Looking Glass. I can bot using OSBuddy meaning I can turn on when someone talks to me, trades me etc - small things that make you look slightly more human.
  10. I'm after a script that can simply buy/bank items at different places, and use webwalking to walk.
  11. Looking for someone to make a script that buys and banks compost & plant cures from above Catherby bank; someone made one before but it's buggy as hell.
  12. Simply; a tar maker. Use item(herb) with swamp tar & have a pestle & mortar in your invent. The exp is better(I believe) and it's a considerably cheaper method of training
  13. Set up as it should be but it doesn't pain the squares to stand on?
  14. Started with no magic secateurs equipped, bot withdrew them but drew this error: [09:54:24] [Ljava.lang.String;@cceeae Didn't exit from bank and try to equip them. After I did it manually it started fine, though couldn't withdraw strawberry seeds from my bank. So I adjusted the GUI and took them off, then it ran fine.