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  1. Allow the users to choose their options (e.g. tree type to cut). Then you'd simply use a variable instead of "Willow tree".
  2. @Dasher
  3. Should be 100% operational. Its never wise to bot on your main. If you don't want to lose the account, don't bot at all. Apart from idle actions (move mouse, right click, examine, etc) when cooking, theres not much more antiban a cooking script can do.
  4. Go to Purchase VIP menu https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/vip/ , on the bottom you can see an option to cancel recurring.
  5. You need to invert the path and walk through it. There are walking methods with a stopping condition. You can use that to check if you've reached the destination area. https://tribot.org/doc/org/tribot/api2007/Walking.html#walkScreenPath-org.tribot.api.interfaces.Positionable:A-org.tribot.api.types.generic.Condition-long- https://tribot.org/doc/org/tribot/api2007/Walking.html#walkPath-org.tribot.api.interfaces.Positionable:A-org.tribot.api.types.generic.Condition-long- You can also use antiban to dynamically decide which one to use: RSTile[] invertedPath = Walking.invertPath(path); Condition stopCondition = null; if (checkarea) stopCondition = new Condition() { public boolean active() { General.sleep(time to sleep in ms); return area.contains(Player.getPosition()); } }; WalkingPreference walkPref = AntiBan.generateWalkingPreference(distance); invertedPath.length should be a decent distance estimative if (walkPref == WalkingPreference.MINIMAP) Walking.walkPath(invertedPath, stopCondition, General.random(min time to check condition in ms, max time to check condition in ms)); else Walking.walkScreenPath(invertedPath, stopCondition, General.random(same as above, same as above));
  6. Credits are tribot's currency. You need to purchase VIP-E with those credits. There is a menu on your left (Purchase VIP) where you can trade them.
  7. https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/vip/vipe/
  8. Yes. And testing limited to 2 hours every 3 days.
  9. Fixed. Admiral, wild and summer pies are not tested because I don't have any member account with the required cooking level. Added: - Make-item: Raw botanical pies - FIre: Redwood logs Cooked sweetcorn Anglerfish - Range: All pies Plain pizza
  10. Assuming you're combining two items, and minimum amount of each is 1, Inventory contains items to combine? ==> if (Inventory.getCount("itemName1") > 0 && Inventory.getCount("itemName2") > 0) or, Inventory does not contain items to combine? ==> if (Inventory.getCount("itemName1) < 1 || Inventory.getCount("itemName2) < 1)
  11. You don't need VIP to upload scripts. You either tried to upload .class files (.java required) or there was a compilation/security error.
  12. No point using an area with size 1. Just use that tile directly: private int playersUnderneath() { return Players.getAll(Filters.Players.tileEquals(Player.getPosition())).length - 1; } Or, as an alternative, if you don't care how many players are underneath, you can use Players.exists: // at least one player is underneath you private boolean hasPlayerUnderneath() { return Players.exists(Filters.Players.tileEquals(Player.getPosition()), 2); }
  13. I've answered a few days ago on your previous post Now that I know what you really want to do with the method i can rewrite it: // a list of item names private List<String> itemNames = Arrays.asList("blue wizard hat"); // a filter to find other players private Filter<RSPlayer> enemies = new Filter<RSPlayer>() { private RSPlayer myself = Player.getRSPlayer(); @Override public boolean accept(RSPlayer p) { return p != null && !p.equals(myself); } }; private boolean enemyFound() { List<String> enemyItemNames = new ArrayList<String>(); // get every enemy item around you for (RSPlayer p : Players.find(enemies)) { RSPlayerDefinition player = p.getDefinition(); if (player != null) { for (RSItem i : player.getEquipment()) { RSItemDefinition item = i.getDefinition(); if (item != null) { enemyItemNames.add(item.getName()); } } } } // if disjoint returns false, we have found an item that matches the ones you specified return !Collections.disjoint(itemNames, enemyItemNames); } @Override public void run() { if (enemyFound()) { // enemy found, do your logic here } } An example with "Quest point cape" on items list: