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  1. Done. Also added a turn camera check in case the fire somehow gets out of view.
  2. What do you mean? The script is not banking the unfermented wines right away?
  3. I wasn't aware of that new bank chest. I'll update the script to adapt to it.
  4. Beg

    Clicking Trade on wrong player

    Yes, .click("Trade with " + name) instead of just .click("Trade")
  5. Beg

    [FREE] BEG Item Combiner

    You've probably set the ids to -1, so it ignores the interface. Setup the right ids and it should work as expected. Edit: You can find the right ids using Tribot's interface explorer (or any other user-made interface explorer)
  6. Beg

    [FREE] BEG Item Combiner

    It is 28 ranging potions(2) by the way. Each ranging potion(4) is split into two 2 doses. Let me know if you get any more issues.
  7. Beg

    [FREE] BEG Item Combiner

    The clicking pattern seems very odd though because it clicks on the closest items.
  8. Beg

    [FREE] BEG Item Combiner

    Looking at the code, it seems to be a problem related to inventory timeout. Can you test with a inventory timeout of 0? Meanwhile, i've updated the script to avoid this issue. Inventory timeout will be ignored when combining 1 item at a time.
  9. Beg

    [FREE] BEG Item Combiner

    Are those the last lines? Does the script stop or just idles?
  10. Beg

    [FREE] BEG Item Combiner

    Probably nothing, what does it say on script and client debug (last 10 lines after script stopping)?
  11. Beg

    [FREE] BEG Item Combiner

    Probably nothing, what does it say on script and client debug (last 10 lines after script stopping)?
  12. Beg

    Combining items

    It can be an infinite loop with an if then else. You have a condition to bank and another condition to use items on each other. Your first item is an empty vial and second item is a 4 dose potion. for (;;) { if (bank.isbankscreenopen || inventory.getcount(firstitem) < 1 || inventory.getcount(seconditem) < 1) { bank else { combine items } }
  13. Beg

    Combining items

    Note: If you want to decant potions, there is a npc at grand exchange that does that for you (in noted form too) in a loop: if (inventory.getcount(firstitem) > 0 && inventory.getcount(seconditem) > 0) { RSItem first = inventory.find(firstitem) RSItem second = inventory.find(firstitem) if (first == null || second == null) return false if (!fixmouseselectionexcept(first)) return false if (game.getitemselectionstate == 0 && !clicking.click("use", first)) return false final int vialsCount = inventory.getcount("vial") if (!clicking.click("use", second)) return false return timing.waitcondition(new condition() { boolean active() { a sleep return inventory.getcount("vial") == vialsCount + 1 } }, a timeout) } else { bank }
  14. Beg

    [FREE] BEG Item Combiner

    I've just tested it and it seems to be working. Can you try again?