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  1. The idea is just to have a simple script that will keep an account logged in by picking up the mouse before the account gets automatically logged out. public void run(){ Random gen = new Random(System.currentTimeMillis()); //Set a truly random seed int bounds2 = 1500; while(true) { int RandomNum = gen.nextInt(bounds2); sleep(1000 * 60 * 3, (1000 * 60 * 3) + (RandomNum * 60)); println("Just slept "+(60*3)+((RandomNum/1000.0)*60)+" seconds"); Mouse.pickupMouse(); } } Some issues: 1. The script is 'sleeping' the same number every time even though I set a random seed 2. The account is still logging out even though the mouse is being moved 3. Often times, the mouse will just move randomly across the screen without any sign of sleeping (no message will show up in the console and the mouse will still move) Help?
  2. Day 10 (?): OK, so I got a nice VPS and am now running accounts. I won't officially start keeping profit count until I have 5 accounts going since I'm still tweaking my methods. Number of bots running: 2 Number of accounts created: 3 Number of accounts banned: 0
  3. I've been seeing this a lot over many posts; you know, there's someone who's doing exceptionally well with a script, and because whatever he/she is doing isn't immediately recognized as breakthrough or revolutionary, it's discounted as "you're one of the lucky ones." Now, coming from a computer science perspective, I don't believe in "luck" when it comes to any computer program. Computers aren't cognizant. They are machines, programmed to execute a logical tasks given to them by human beings. With that being said, human beings, Jagex included, are far from perfect. That means, no matter how sophisticated they claim their bot watch claims to be, it's far from perfect, and will have flaws and loop holes. I just feel like there should be more attention payed to these 'special cases,' instead of discounting it as luck. Thoughts?
  4. The end of botting? Nahh, I think it's just another part of this drawn out cat-and-mouse game
  5. I'll officially start re-counting days now. Day 4: Did a whole bunch of prerequisite work...researching proxies, vps, implementation, etc etc. I bought 3 proxies, VIP-E, membership for an account, and am 75% done with the prerequisite stats for one account. The goal is to set up one account per day. So I'm down in the red for now. Total Net Cash: -$40.00 Total Net GP: -2m
  6. UPDATE!!! I have my method finalized, and now I'm going to be doing a week's worth of testing while I gather starting gp and information regarding proxies, VPN, etc. The method I'm using is around 200k/h, so I'm hoping for the best. I'm going to start creating accounts within the next few days when I gather money for proxies. I'll keep you guys updated!
  7. I'm back!!! Sorry about the lack of updates, I had to focus on school. But finals ended today, and I'm ready to start scripting again! Looking back at the old scripts that I started, I've decided I want to completely scrap them, and start anew with a better understanding of data structures and the API in general. I'm saving up for a trip to Japan with some friends next spring, so I NEED some money. Hopefully this will supplement that goal I'll do periodic updates while I'm coding, and update more frequently as I start the actual botting process.
  8. Trying to buy iron knives in bulk PM me or skype (userid: smoothflowe)
  9. @dom584 I'll probably be completely finished with my first script by this weekend...and while our bots are running the first script for around 5-6 hours per day, I plan on finishing my second script in a week max now that I'm more acquainted with the API. So I'd say anywhere from 3-5 weeks depending on how it goes ^^
  10. Hey guys! My goal is to obtain 50m from scratch, and then go from there. I have not botted previously before. I'm attempting this task with 3 friends, and we'll be using two private scripts that I'm in the process of making. I'll try to update this thread daily, so wish me luck! Day 1: 7 Day 2:
  11. Hey guys, New on the botting scene...so I'm currently studying Java and getting some ideas for the programs I want to implement. Here's my thought process for a program: Declare a timer than starts when I player enters a certain radius of tiles, pauses when the player exits, and resumes when the player enters such an area again.While in the area, the program listens for the Mouse Click of the Player, and logs it in a file containing the milliseconds between each click. Could you suggest what I should know for this code (specifically, what in the API I should study before trying to implement this). Thanks!
  12. @lmfaoown I definitely know what you mean. At first, I was just kind of glancing over all of the code...but I realized I wasn't really learning anything. I'm going to start picking class at a time, and dissecting it until I get a good feel for it (on top of looking at snippets you guys have posted on the forum, of course).
  13. Hey all! As you can probably tell, I've just joined here. I was curious...about how long did it take until you were comfortable with TriBot? This question is mainly targeted to those who code with TRiBot (for example, how long did it take you to become accustomed to the API), but I'm interested in hearing also the opinions of those who use TRiBot for personal use, gold farming, or are just apart of the community in general.
  14. Heyo! I got back into runescape a few weeks ago for the nostalgia. I'm a 20 y/o college student majoring in Computer Science. A group of 3 friends and I are going to start botting soon collectively. We've got a lot of things planned out, and some algorithms to implement. The scripts we'll be running will be produced 100% by us. Looking forward to being apart of this community, and am definitely looking forward to a successful botting experience! By the way...from my observation, it's not getting harder to bot...it's just getting harder to get away with mediocrity. Jagex stepped up their methods, which effectively destroyed all the weak scripts out there. As a future scripter, I feel sort of honored...if they want to treat the community as an actual threat, I feel like we have an inherent duty to step up the coding game to get them scratching their heads again...and for good.
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