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  1. Hah how bout that. I Was looking at your script before even posting this Thanks for the input
  2. I've been away from the rs scene for over a year now, due to rage staking over 5 bil lol... Thought about starting a small farm for maybe and extra 200$/month Say.. 4 bots making 200k/hr? Still possible? Cheers:)
  3. dang got a bot busting ban from this lol.. 70-75 ran it for 10 hours was prob a bad idea
  4. what would the fastest mouse speed be?
  5. yes, because observing the bot get 90k/hr makes me stupid lol
  6. meh way too slow... 90k xp/hr with oak larders lol
  7. buying 18 credits 900k ea or 1.1 ea paypal
  8. I've bought many credits in the past, but recently changed paypals and added a new one to use. Verified it. But now when i go to buy credits it says my payment might be fraudulent ... So i tried another paypal. No luck. soo i think i messed up my account by adding to many paypals.. I then tried using swipe, but it still said my payment was fraudulent If i could get this fixed please
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