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  1. larger screen is better
  2. dang got a bot busting ban from this lol.. 70-75 ran it for 10 hours was prob a bad idea
  3. what would the fastest mouse speed be?
  4. yes, because observing the bot get 90k/hr makes me stupid lol
  5. meh way too slow... 90k xp/hr with oak larders lol
  6. need 12 credits paying via paypal how much? thank you
  7. Payment failed: We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent. admin help me out please?
  8. buying 18 credits 900k ea or 1.1 ea paypal
  9. I've bought many credits in the past, but recently changed paypals and added a new one to use. Verified it. But now when i go to buy credits it says my payment might be fraudulent ... So i tried another paypal. No luck. soo i think i messed up my account by adding to many paypals.. I then tried using swipe, but it still said my payment was fraudulent If i could get this fixed please
  10. Doing mountain daughter / tree gnome and fight arena Thanks so much man
  11. this - because all of the questing etc.... also im kind of in the same boat... do you think it's worth getting the 42 def? you're tired of 1 def?