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  1. That welcome message scared the fuck outta me
  2. There are some people here that complain about imps dropping so low and it's the same people that are selling imps for a really low price... This script is a good money maker but why complain if you deliberately lower the prices of imps yourself lol i can never get around this Been watching the same guy on here selling imps on zyb really low for months :/
  3. Does anyone else have their bot stop what it's doing while hunting an impling it can't detect? At first I assumed it was a hopping world problem but now I realize it's actually timing out to the login screen after doing nothing It's stopping somehow and idk how to explain it better than that lol
  4. can't tell you script but bot accordingly: 1-19 crimson swifts 19-43 tropical wagtails 43-53 kebbits 53-63 chins 63-83 red chins
  5. Thank you for this script Druid, well worth the $7 if i must say But if i can make a suggestion, why not add more tasks? like if i run out of maples to cut and string then add a new task to string and cut yew logs? If not then I understand
  6. Thank you Tri for the new update but if it isn't too much to ask can you please run the bot for a bit longer than 13 mins? since the crashes usually happen in a hour or two. In any case, I will provide a pic of it including client debug as soon as it occurs again via skype Also, after new update the bot has been catching the unwanted imps unlike before when it just needed 1 of them in inv
  7. 18-20/7 same, but I think it's because the button to hop worlds is broken sometimes, I noticed it happens on orion too
  8. Are you guys using more than 1 acc? I've been using the same acc since February and no ban lol
  9. always have ring of life when running the script, i died but ring of life saved me and runes but the problem was it just kept running near draynor. I should have taken screenshot or .gif, i always end the script in shock when it happens.. I found out why it does this, one day i caught my bot running away from dr. jekyll and mr. hyde random in puro puro but couldn't get away nor click on them because they were on another lane. I know it's not Tri's fault but it's just the way how puro puro is structured is why randoms are glitched. If this is not in your powers Tri can the script end if we are sent anywhere outside of puro puro and zanaris?
  10. I noticed you always post this from 6-8am.. since you aren't "new" to this bot you should know you never bot on these times otherwise you are banned (this goes for any script)
  11. It's recommended you buy at least 1-2k imp jars, as it could sustain your bot for a good week. Exchanging only works if you have lower-tier implings caught but this script never catches other than the top three tier imps unless rs is updated (which it will catch lower-tier imps for a short amount of time)
  12. The calculations on the script is alright and isn't really a big deal since we all sell at different prices anyway for example, I sell mine: magpie @ 16kea, ninja @15kea, and dragon @ 145kea I've noticed since yesterday the prices for each imp dropped since people started selling magpies at 15kea.. No idea why you guys would do that but at least I have a seller that has been buying my prices for a while and wouldn't change