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  1. John Purcell's course on Udemy is a good free resource.
  2. @TRiLeZ it seems that my breaks don't work correctly with development release. It just says break ended and the login bot never turns on. Not an issue when I use normal release. Thanks for the hard work!
  3. I'm sorry to hear this, I tested for about 30 minutes without a problem. I'm going to look into and fix this for y'all!
  4. I have not implemented this random but if Tribot supports it then it does work! Edit: Lumbridge spinning support has been added, enjoy y'all!
  5. I sumbitted a fix, this should be fixed and let me know if it helped! Lumbridge support should be out soon. Just gotta find time to do it.
  6. I'll look into this today, is it picking or spinning?
  7. Might have a premium script but who can gold farm with just one script?
  8. I can work on this for y'all. Have you tried the seers village spinner?
  9. It should be fixed. Updated with flax spinner. Updated to 1.2!
  10. Just google looking for SOCKS5 proxies, most people aren't willing to share their proxy provider!
  11. Did this ever get solved? Skype me at: wunderkindpb if you still need help.