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  1. Keeps telling me to close other instances of tribot

    obviously that's me lol... i just made the account to see if something was wrong, im not trying to bypass limit lol, but no worries now it is working after waiting about 30 mins
  2. Keeps telling me to close other instances of tribot

    i just made it to troubleshoot because i can't figure out why it still thinks tribot is running from when i used it like 3 days ago..
  3. I don't have any open, it's been doing this for a few days and I have restarted pc many times and closed all java processes but it keeps telling me because I'm not vip I need to close other instances. There is nothing in instance manager to kill either.
  4. how is it amazing if it got you banned in 10 hours........
  5. can you mage only with this script? if so what is the gp/hr like? or kills /hr with just mage
  6. Appealing a perm ban

    I know this is like a week old but maybe you could answer a couple of questions for me. How long did it take them to respond? When you appealed, did you appeal from the same IP that the accounts were banned on? Were the accounts made by you or created by someone else? Also the bans you had, were they 1 Macro Major first offence perm, or a 2 day ban then perm on 2nd offence? When you say you got 3 accounts back, out of how many ? I've got 2 near maxed mains from 2014 and 2016 and another account with 800m (that didn't even bot but got banned for botting) that I'm hoping get unbanned. I'm surprised you got your accounts back after only 5 months it almost seems random, I see some people say 8 year accounts not getting unbanned.
  7. Payments Blocked?

    Yeh the problem has been fixed now =]
  8. Payments Blocked?

    Yeah it's happening to everyone from what I know, me included. Anyone actually be able to buy credits since yesterday?
  9. I dont have bitcoin set up.. I don't think most people do either, plus doing all this bitcoin shit for like a $5 payment is nuts. This is obviously a tribot issue trilez just needs to fix it
  10. We suspect this card may be fraudulent?

    This isn't a bank issue, this is a tribot issue. Not to be rude but do you think everyone whos made a topic have all of a sudden tried to buy behind a VPN lol... Also even Arctic is getting blocked from it, this is 100% a tribot issue
  11. Yeah this is obviously a tribot issue... Now I have to buy credits with GP and get ripped off?, no thanks.. Why can't this just be fixed. edit: Just tried buying with Stripe on my card, refused aswell...
  12. Does your ISP happen to be virgin media? Just wondering
  13. We cannot process this order...

    Same problem bro, trying to buy 5 credits with my verified paypal, same paypal I've used for years. Getting the same message as you edit: You guys don't happen to be on Virgin Media do you..? I think they've changed our IPs unsuspectingly.. Not sure