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  1. although bans are always possible, I use looking glass, and this account itself is 250 days old and just started botting on it last month and a half ago roughly 15 hours a day and i think I can go endlessly without getting banned on this account because it has been trained so much by hand and quested that now it's golden
  2. I have a really good range tank account the only problem is I do not have vengeance. Does anyone have suggestions on good fast magic xp both expensive and inexpensive things I can do to get 94 Mage? Currently at 50
  3. Keeps clicking banking tab settings whenever it is banking, and just sits there and spam clicks it, script isn't working
  4. Idk I just bought whichever was the first one to come up, I think it was $8, and also I got pked once and it ran to the bank after I died and everything but didn't equip any armor but took out food and started walking to drags again even though I had spare armor in my bank
  5. Haven't used this script in a while since it always got me banned! Lol but will be trying it out again soon on my main using looking glass, glad I bought lifetime. Wish me luck!
  6. Yes it is, but some suggestions, at cages ogres, for some reason it will try and attack an ogre and if it is in line with the squeeze through loose rail setting it will click on it and then go through and get stuck in there which can really mess up the botting, also, it should have a way to know if your out of ammo/scales in your toxic blow pipe and then log out because it's out of ammo, just a bonus, if you could add in the ability to use world switcher that would make it take less time to world hop which equals more xp gains . But so far this script has taken me to 92 range so I guess you could say it's alright Oh also, I like to not tavey drags a lot but I don't use safe spot cause it's always busy with people and you can never get kills, but whenever it opens gate and enters pit it just stops and doesn't do anything, also you should make it so that once it teles to bank it should take out food, heal to full health, then take out more food (the amount you want) and then proceed back to fighting spot
  7. Looking glass supported? Probably won't get banned with it either right using lg?
  8. Work still? I also want to try his avianses script
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