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  1. hello i am super interested in your Tau script maker. i saw you had a link for its development as well, which is sadly expired by now. i was wondering if you were still working on it at all, or if you would be willing to share the source code with me? I would be surely grateful and ofc keep it private. 

  2. god this script is so beautiful i could just kiss you! im definitely going to be buying premium here soon. only ONE thing i came across that i am unsure of how to do, or maybe you just overlooked it- which is wait untill amount of item is x. for example. im buying items from npc but would like to wait for it to restock to a certain amount before i buy more. which may look something like this: if shop item amount is x then buy 10 arrows if shop item amount is not x then wait until shop amount item is x to buy 10 maybe to make it easier to understand- you add an Else statement. for example: IF inventory is not full THEN buy 1 arrow ELSE goto block 2 if the statement is true- it will loop itself. because ive been having issues with getting the script to properly loop as well. and if its not true it moves on to next action. so ONconditional-IFactionistruethenfire1-BUTifactionisfalsefire2. OR- just make it so LABELS dont stop the bot. but instead just count as a placeholder for where you wants your loop to start back at. because if i have it like this: buy 1 arrow LABEL1 if inventory is not full buy 1 arrow if inventory is not full go to LABEL1 If inventory is full go to BLOCK2 having it set like this- the bot doesnt even go passed buy 1 arrow because it breaks on LABEL1. i dont think this is how its supposed to be intended? lastly- can you make it so we can copy paste actions to the main block please? also being able to drag and reorder them would be neat.
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