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  1. Looking forward to the v2 of aHunter !
  2. yeah they have added 2 more members to staff to help track down botters recently, as well as upping their system for banning bots.
  3. Anyone have ahk for this? it was recently removed from reddit
  4. @Aropupu hey for v2 miner in mlm, how can I make it so it deposits 4 invs of 26 then withdraws the ores?
  5. Change your ABCL2 settings, you can make it faster. I personally use Faster (-4).
  6. cannon @ dagonnaths and optionally use knives for more experience. Chin at 80+ ranged.
  7. Will do this.
  8. I think you just got quite lucky lol.
  9. Looking forward to seeing your customization options, at 75 currently, working on agility for now.
  10. @erickho123 Hoping you can fix the spam clicking when clicking on enter nature rift. It is very botlike and is probably the reason I got banned. It always messes up and click to the left a few times then finally goes inside.
  11. I just googled rs 2007 stats lol or something, they are not my stats.
  12. @Aropupu Hey, I am using the seers village teleport method with kandarin hard diary completed, and there is a glitch. It does not switch to magic spellbook menu all the time to click the teleport. Like there is probably antiban which makes the bot switch to skills menu sometimes and the mouse just tries to go to the position of where camelot teleport is but it is on the skills menu so it does not teleport and the mouse moves back and forth. for example, if these were my stats, it sometimes is on skill menu and just moves moouse back and forth between cooking and thieving, does not click magic menu so it can teleport, it must think its on magic menu but is not.
  13. In my Bot Busting Moderate ban, it says it will expire in 1 year from the date I was banned when I view evidence, but it says less than 1 day on the account status.... I'm so confused, I googled it any no reports of 1 year ban exist.
  14. Welcome back! Hopefully your scripts will be bigger and better than ever