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  1. Itsanon


    i decided to try and purchase some more credits as mine never turned up :/ i was wondering once i get a ban on a rs account should i change the proxy im using? thanks
  2. no card was done for fraud after i brought the credits plus i can only use an atm machine i just decided to give up on trying to get them now thanks for the help anyway
  3. still waiting and no credits recived :/ been nearly 3 weeks now
  4. thankyou so much still not sorted this problem out thanks for the help
  5. I can honestly say tribots support is terrible i still havent recived any help ive messaged everything still nothing
  6. thank you for the help @l3thalGhost and @Monthreal hopefully this issue will get resloved soon :/
  7. dont think ill be getting my credits then great
  8. just been left a message my credit cards has been linked to fraud ? i really dont care about that at the moment i just really want the credits i payed for
  9. paypal seemed to give me the credits but when i brought them using the stripe option i got nothing
  10. Just checked my atm balance as i dont have asess to online banking i have brought multiple credits to see if my bank was processing them which they was as i have -14£ ish balance then i did and still no credits great
  11. stripe cleared cookies everything still nothing :/ waited for a while now ...
  12. hello ive just purchased 6.5 credits and it still says my balance is 0 why is this?
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