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  1. Did all the pre-reqs skills with ease and completed gertudes cat. Currently doing sea slug without a problem. 30mins left on trial will update
  2. Changed attack style to 3 and still nothing. I am using saradomin sword
  3. Thanks everything seems fine. The only thing that sketches me out is how it constantly returns to the "setting attack style" and always goes back to combat tab no matter where I click. I feel like it may increase ban rate https://gyazo.com/9cc023cfbde7036a0e59a15fb602341c
  4. I find when the script starts and i have a special weapon option i die and restart a game. the bot overloads, changes to spec wep, activates special then just waits. It doesnt activate the protect from melee upon re-entry.
  5. Thanks, followed this and ran script flawlessly, I have to close the TRIBOT client or else it starts a fresh insance each time. Good work, havent tried yet but is Armadyl Godsword special attack supported yet? Exactly what you said. I avoid running my scripts for too long and during jagex work hours (Helps that i am EST, so i am at work during the day, off as time as they work). I ran the bot 15 hours straight, multiple games this weekend and nothing (knock on wood)
  6. Followed the instructions in the thread..hopefully it works. Use to run this script for hours without a problem.
  7. Any idea why the script stops after 1 game. I have multiple selceted but the bot stops after 1 and i get this message in the box. https://gyazo.com/96202c56ab4108daef8a0c055a159f57
  8. Nice script update. Testing out my old settings to make sure everything is still clean and flawless. Can I get the link for custom signature?
  9. Bot was working fine always but all of a sudden today it keeps flicking melee prayer on and off
  10. Is lost city and NMZ quest available? I have requirements but it ends scrpits when I attempt to start saying "no other quest possible to start"
  11. Script still works. Just no banking is supported
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