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  1. For law crafting could you possibly add the option for using normal energy potions rather than super energies, super energies are really expensive lol
  2. Is there somewhere in this script that will change the dosage of the potions, i.e take all your (3) and mix them to (4)
  3. yo hamood, sometimes if i lag a little bit when i bank it clicks logs to withdraw one but it wont because of lag and it withdraws a whole invy of pure ess and then itll sit there and wont fix itself, you should write a new bit of code to correct this simple error please
  4. everytime i try run the script i click start on the GUI but the GUI never commences the script and the GUI remains on my desktop, any ideas why?
  5. Im still getting the same error as i posted today, same as the guy above me, script stops before it gets to 30 mins and it also waits around after hopping off the balloon at entrana
  6. [11:25:13] java.lang.NullPointerException[11:25:13] at scripts.LawCrafter.G(LawCrafter.java:257)[11:25:13] at scripts.LawCrafter.d(LawCrafter.java:557)[11:25:13] at scripts.LawCrafter.run(LawCrafter.java:834)[11:25:13] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[11:25:13] Script Ended: HamoodsProLaw. The script has been running flawlessly up till now but just of today when i start it (via balloon method) when it gets to the altar this is the error i get, any ideas why?
  7. hey mhdjml, one small glitch, i left the script running over night and it spend hours just sitting at the bank with a full invy of pure essence and it wouldnt bank one and wihdraw a log, cheers
  8. Could you please add Sara Sword to the list of Weapons that you can use the special attack with, cheers
  9. yo mhdjml, your scripts broken at the moment, when the script leaves castle wars and presses fly on the baloon operator it just stays on the screen where u can pick ur flight locations and the mouse just keeps moving left and right under entrana and right clicking on crafting guild, been watching it do this for 5 minutes now, hope ya fix it soon, cheers.
  10. yo the bot keeps failing randoms and also the looting on the script isnt that good because it only loots half the time, i watched it for ages and saw it miss heaps of loot, cheers
  11. Hey Wssup for the last 3-4 days the script has just stopped working and it doesnt start anymore at all? any ideas?
  12. Hey, i can't seem to get it to work, i fill out all the options select my monster etc then it just stands there and does nothing, is it because i set no logic ? all i wanted it to do was kill monsters till it ran out of food then log out?
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