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  1. Im selling the vouchers because i need money, after i buy what i need im gonna be selling at 6.25 again... its not hard to get source codes of public scripts either... go try and imposter someone else
  3. I need money real bad so im selling them for $5 each, i have to buy something tonight so they need to go now, Trusted script writer with vouches, check my profile message me
  4. Purchased for $20. Thanks.
  5. This will be a decent base, if it's not already finished yet. I'll test it out when I get the chance, and add it to the list once it's working fully. Thank you.
  6. Okay, i'm tired of everyone complaining about TriLez because the randoms don't work, there are plenty of perfectly able scripters, including me(regardless of my rank, I am steadily working on new free scripts, just haven't applied for scripter rank yet), who can make the randoms themselves, the only problem is we can't expect to always get the random we are testing, and we can't keep up with their updates. I would everyone to pitch in and help keep track of working/nonworking randoms in replies to this thread. For instance, when you see that a random is working, you can say that it is now working. When you see that a random isn't working, or has stopped working, you can also state that here. Or also, when Jagex updates the randoms, we need to also keep track of this. If we did that, it would definately help us scripters figure out what to add/change inside of our scripts, in order to get rid of as many randoms as possible. Otherwise, we will continue getting stuck on randoms every 20 minutes that we bot. (Yes, that's average for me...) I will be helping with this, of course. I will try and release as many snippets as possible for the randoms, I hope that the other scripters will do this as well. I will try to update the thread as much as possible when I see feedback of which randoms work/don't work. If a lot of people pitch in, we'll have the randoms issue out of the way in no time. Additionally, TriLez gives 5 days of VIP Voucher for free if you send him your login info for an account that is CURRENTLY stuck on a random. Working Randoms: Maze The Thief - gives you compensation or whatever for her past crimes..? lol Non-Working Randoms: Molly Pheasants thingies place(the things with a bunch of tails..) I believe sandwhich lady had an update that disabled it from working Yeah the lists are VERY bare at the moment, I just made them, it's 4am, I can't think of them all at once lol...Post your list in a reply, so that I can update mine. Thanks.
  7. Uh-oh...I'm afraid you might have messed up the link formatting, seems all of the links are gone? Just text...:\ Edit: Ey, where my scripts at
  8. Oh sorry, additionally, I fixed the problem with standing in field, that's what I meant by Jagex changed the ids. They changed flax to the id 9000, from 3634, so it was looking for 3634, but didn't find anything, anyways it's fixed now. Bot on
  9. IGNORE HATERS. IT WORKS... The script wasn't working for 1 day because of a Jagex update, so people kept saying "Oh I got banned..blah blah blah..." They were just butt-hurt because they couldn't get the script to work. I fixed it, thanks. Lol, you shouldn't have left it on when you saw that Jagex changed ids... They changed ids the day after I released this. Updates: Fixed for new RS ids - Hah! Hey...Hey Jagex, all of the flax bots have now conformed to your new IDs...LOL Cleaned Up & Debugged a bit Rewritten a bit more
  10. Do you go first to trusted members? I would want to test it and make sure it runs 5 accounts smoothly before I purchase it. Edit: All I need it to do is at least 4 bots at once.
  11. Accepting most requests for scripts that haven't been written yet, are out-dated, are buggy, or whatever else. Why? A lot of the scripts aren't working anymore, and I only have a few releases so far. Make sure you include a lot of details about what the script would need to be like, what it would/should feature, what previous scripts have been made that are similar, and anything else you feel is important. If the script would require levels to test it, I will need an account to test it on, because my levels are all really low atm. Anyways, that's all, no need to make this thread any longer than it should be.
  12. Bro, freaking randoms..That's the only hard part to it. Otherwise, its just walking to a staircase, banking crap, and walking back. Once I start making randoms I might release one of these. Or once TriLez starts fixing them, but it's pointless for him to do that, the scripters can do that themselves, and he's busy with the new upcoming crap. I remember walking into the flax spinner room in lumby, and saw like 10 randoms at once in a room with like 15 people...X_X
  13. public boolean emptyPost = true; if(emptyPost) boolean noob = true; jk jk... Anyways, I'll make one if you want. First I need to know that there isn't a decent one released yet. Have you searched around for one yet? If you don't find anything, tell me, and I'll put it to my list of scripts to make.
  14. Just released a ChickenFighter. I'll be working on my FlaxPicker and many other scripts soon.