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  1. But why would they? I have a afkable money making method that I'm going to do BY HAND.
  2. Exactly, I will be playing LEGIT on them. Limit of connected accounts to the servers?
  3. I'm thinking of creating 15 new accounts and gold farm legit on them and use them for increased G.E buying power. How many accounts can you create from the same IP? What is the cooldown? Am I allowed to transfer items between them without any problems? Note: I will be playing LEGIT on them. No botting.
  4. Oh I see.. Well damn. Thanks!
  5. Would it be possible to have one main RS window and have multiple "slave windows" connected to that window and everything you do on that window will be copied to the slaves in real time. It would be used to to level multiple accounts at the same time. As long as the starting conditions are the same for all accounts it should work?
  6. So far I've only received permanent bans. The accounts were mostly throwaway accounts. I've read about people getting 2 day bans. When are 2 day bans issued? If I were to bot on a maxed melee account would I receive a 2 day ban then?
  7. DRG

    Weekend botting?

    Very interesting! Can someone confirm bans on weekends?
  8. DRG

    Weekend botting?

    So no one is getting banned during the weekends??
  9. DRG

    Weekend botting?

    If I understood it correct, all macroing bans are manually issued by Mod Weath. I've also understood he isn't working during the weekend. Isn't it a good time to start botting friday night and empty the gold (if goldfarming) from the accounts monday morning? EDIT: Weekend bans are issued. I botted bow strings 10 hours today and got banned.
  10. EDIT! The .class file was obfuscated. I'm looking for someone to make a simple private script!
  11. I have access to a dedicated server with *32GB RAM, *12 threads CPU, *100Mbit connection *Windows 2008 server I'm willing to lend some hardware to a fellow TRiBot user for 10 days or so during my exams for a fair price. Add skype: doctor.gamer
  12. I bought a total of 123M, trades went smooth. Thank you very much!
  13. Talking to you on skype, looking to purchase gold.
  14. Is it possible to upgrade VIP to VIP Extended somehow? What happens with the days I have on my VIP if I purchase VIP Extended?
  15. Made me two private scripts. Fair priced. Vouching for him!
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