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  1. Thank you! I'll tell you how it works for me.
  2. All accounts are permamuted just after they complete tutorial. Anybody else is experiencing this problem? Also, how does the script exactly work? How does it create the RS account and set the display name?
  3. Add me on Skype
  4. Over 50 tutorials completed and 10 bypassed
  5. A note to moderators: I am not selling any accounts. I am exclusively completing the Tutorial Island and/or bypassing the 24h trade limit. I do not create any email or RuneScape accounts and sell them. I also offer a spambot service for advertising your site. Useful for botting right away and sending cash made (for example, mining clay) to your mule, or for testing your scripts, or suicide botting, etc. This service is only for registered RuneScape accounts. Setting display name - 40K↓Completing Tutorial Island - 150K↓Bypassing 24h trade limit - 660K Suicide spam botsThe price does not include the account creation fees (setting display name, completing tutorial). It includes walking to desired location and spamming. I fully refund all the hours that couldn't been completed because of a mute or ban. Flat fee (up to 8 spambots): 600K per hourAvailable hours: 00:00 GMT - 21:00 GMT Super spambot (up to 20 spambots): 1M per hourAvailable hours: 11:00 GMT - 19:00 GMT (may vary) Bulk discounts10-24 accounts: 4%25-49 accounts: 6%50-99 accounts: 8%100+ accounts: 10% I prefer to be paid in OSRS gp. However, if you insist on paying via PayPal, 1M OSRS may be converted to $3.50 or 3.35€ plus the fees PayPal has. You can can calculate the PayPal fees here: paypalfeecalculator.paymentprocessing.cc The country the payment is going to must be set to "Europe" and the PayPal rate is the default "PayPal Standard Rate". Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any doubtst or you'd like more information. Add me on Skype for quicker replies: Skype: gracienc.sythe
  6. Really buggy when it comes to opening door and sometimes can't even get in the monastery. It'd be amazing if you added a world hopping feature, then we'd be talking about real money.