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  1. it just started doing this, so annoying.
  2. Xmouse_data-315170-1457829152980.dat
  3. ok i did that but now the client crashes soon after i log in every time. im on a mac fyi
  4. i cant load any scripts its really weird.
  5. pls help
  6. Hi i just bought vip again to use this but it says unable to load script, help please
  7. ive done the mouse thing, how do i get it to work now?
  8. can some please post an image of the gui for the dharoks absorbtion method, and why does the mouse speed always revert back to 90 after i change it?
  9. Hi, has there been many reports of bans? and if so why did they get banned.
  10. Hey, when the accounts have been created how do you know what the usernames are for them?