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  1. New website o.o

  2. Please click my banner. Thank you and look forward to working with you.
  3. Interested add my skype!
  4. Please click my banner for a great questing service. Thank you!
  5. this isnt for username change. Its for one letter being changed to uppercase. The username remains the same. If that is the case, then I apologize.
  6. Would like to do stray to Stray
  7. question above just wondering
  8. You will pay a sum of 5M oldschool RSGP. (You get this back when you leave the service) yes. You must have a clean reputation across other sites: yes You must not be banned on any other sites: yes You must be able to use Skype to discuss orders: yes You must speak English: yes Application form : What job are you after? :I can quest/level mainly focusing on pures. And can also do firecape as well. Do you agree to my TOS*? : yup Do you agree to 10m deposit? : yes What is your Skype ? : strayrunescape Do you have any experience with a service? : yes. did firecape for a bit and leveling on the side
  9. I can do them. PMing you my skype
  10. I have the entire day free so doing some powerleveling questing for OSGP. Not looking to do long term projects just questing or few fast levels here and there. I can do all pure quests including quests on low stats such as waterfall, Horror from the deep ect. I will also train stats to do quests. Please provide materials or money for quest if you want some questing done. PM me skype if interested. Also buying 20m OSGP look at my topic history if interested.
  11. Wanna pk now and I have like 2 m above market price and still not buying
  12. not trying to rip off anyone just want to get a fair price for the amount I have.
  13. well Idk just trying to see. Im buying it for more then market price.
  14. It isnt buying for market price in GE am seeing if i can get it cheaper. lol
  15. Buying d warhammer comment price below. Simple trade no risk.