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  1. I doubt they'll ever go back to using colour... However, Simba is still a thing if you're desperate.
  2. @Duhstin Are you able to PM me the full specs of your rig please? Also any info on the best place to purchase parts. I'm looking to build a dual 2670 system, running into complications with motherboards though. There really doesn't seem to be many compatible dual chip boards around. I'm in the UK fyi. Thanks. edit* I will also repurpose some parts such as psu, gpu (if it's compatible with mb).
  3. Thanks for the guide, but even though I'm english - I can't understand a word you say.
  4. gl - inb4 bans
  5. Hunter for sure, if you're not bothered about bans.
  6. Anything being spammed in the debug etc? *off-topic - You're running some serious farms... I don't know how you can cope with all the bans. They drive me crazy.
  7. Well it'll mostly be for botting. Although I plan on putting a gtx 1080 in there also. The kit is cheap, but I'm struggling to find a motherboard.
  8. It's predominately going to be a rig for gaming and botting. E5 2683 v3 are cheap as now. I'm taking about buying used processors but all other parts new.
  9. @trilez back at it again stealing those monkfish...
  10. Ah ok. I'm currently building a dual E5 2683 v3 rig. I'm struggling to find/choose a motherboard that is reliable etc, but doesn't break the bank either.
  11. How come you went for the v3 E5, not the v4?