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  1. I see...quite why they would do this over greens/blues idk.
  2. This doesn't make as much gp/hr as you think it might. I already have a script for it - it's really not worth doing compared with a number of other methods.
  3. Will

    happy easter everyone

    Thanks. You too!
  4. I think if he uses DaxWebwalker the Stronghold should work...
  5. Make sure your proxy is Socks protocol, not http.
  6. lmao that's brilliant!
  7. Hi @Assume Script is not handling stronghold doors, I'm running it at level 2 flesh crawlers.
  8. This user is, indeed, abusing the system. But won't you consider implementing something like a VIP tier system? Offer different levels of VIP, each with their own instance cap - naturally, the higher the cap the higher the cost per month. It seems the most logical step to take - average users can still enjoy the service @ $8/month while being capped at say 3 instances, for example.
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