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  1. Will

    private script

    I see...quite why they would do this over greens/blues idk.
  2. Will

    private script

    This doesn't make as much gp/hr as you think it might. I already have a script for it - it's really not worth doing compared with a number of other methods.
  3. I think if he uses DaxWebwalker the Stronghold should work...
  4. Make sure your proxy is Socks protocol, not http.
  5. Hi @Assume Script is not handling stronghold doors, I'm running it at level 2 flesh crawlers.
  6. I think that would be a better move. Multiple tiers of VIP, each with their own account cap. It seems that the scripts themselves aren't really the issue for Tribot...it's the number of accounts people are running whilst only paying their $8/month. Just cap the number of instances users can run, forcing large goldfarmers like yourself to pay a reasonable amount to use the client and it's services.
  7. I get the change for new customers going forward, but punishing old customers who have stuck with Tribot is bullshit.
  8. grats dude! How many accounts do you have up?