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  1. AliveInMe

    Save and Load GUI settings

    Thanks for this tutorial I've been using the code for a while
  2. AliveInMe

    [Tutorial] RS07 types for beginners

    Bump so it doesnt get lost!
  3. AliveInMe

    Dax Webwalker too much Downtime

  4. AliveInMe

    AIMMetalDragons [temp thread | ignore]

    Had trouble uploading the source so I gave up lmao
  5. AliveInMe

    How to "save" inventory location?

    There is a config value for the activity bar. or use math and compare the rectangles to find the percentage.
  6. AliveInMe

    AIMMetalDragons [temp thread | ignore]

    added you
  7. AliveInMe

    AIMMetalDragons [temp thread | ignore]

    Can you help me properly upload the script to the repository? I'm having some issues.
  8. AliveInMe

    Code review + repository help

    i have my zip source as "scripts/metals/files and its still not starting for my friend. I have it on the repository saying approved on the overview. the script name is AIMMetalDragons under Category.Combat if you want to try it. It's not working for us.
  9. AliveInMe

    Code review + repository help

  10. AliveInMe

    Code review + repository help

    Open-Source Project: view_source Question: How to properly upload my src to the repo? i've tried multiple combinations of .zip sources package.md..../.java files and plain java files.
  11. AliveInMe

    NMZ Pot Sipper (KingboyNMZ)

    Nice work
  12. Filler Content till release Alch support Range/Magic combat Looting Potion support ABC implementation Open-Source Project: view_source
  13. Cant wait to see the 'doubt' feature . Will be following your content