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  1. Thanks for this tutorial I've been using the code for a while
  2. Had trouble uploading the source so I gave up lmao
  3. There is a config value for the activity bar. or use math and compare the rectangles to find the percentage.
  4. private boolean isStunned() { return Player.getAnimation() == 424; }
  5. Can you help me properly upload the script to the repository? I'm having some issues.
  6. i have my zip source as "scripts/metals/files and its still not starting for my friend. I have it on the repository saying approved on the overview. the script name is AIMMetalDragons under Category.Combat if you want to try it. It's not working for us.
  7. Open-Source Project: view_source Question: How to properly upload my src to the repo? i've tried multiple combinations of .zip sources package.md..../.java files and plain java files.
  8. Filler Content till release Alch support Range/Magic combat Looting Potion support ABC implementation Open-Source Project: view_source
  9. AliveInMe

    code review

    Thanks I'll check it out. But I thought there was a seperate section
  10. AliveInMe

    code review

    Where would be the appropriate section for code review? I have a local script in the works but the API is a little confusing. I'm still learning but was wondering if a scripter could take the time to look over my code to see any errors or bad practices.
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