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  1. Is it against the rules to have a Clan Chat and charge users for a rank in that Clan Chat?
  2. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/48026-regarding-1224234s-nmz-host-creation-service/?hl=1224 another scam by 1224
  3. 6K WILLOW 2K YEW. I exaggerated a little. not much over 1m lol but thats a lot for me lol
  4. 1224 also scammed me. @Mute is going to ban him tonight if he doesnt reply to our skype chat.
  5. 80 hrs straight. then traded to my main. very shot time after i got a perm ban. still bronze axe. no breaks. I though i might get a ban after getting rid of the money but i didnt want to risk that much gp.... gotta do what ya gotta do... its alot more then the total profit says btw. had botted before but restarted the bot.
  6. lolololololol If i hit the Reset Statistics button will it reset my total time ran?
  7. Ummm Front page maybe lol Fresh account Bronze Axe NO BREAKS!!!!
  8. Fresh account with bronze. The only bug I have seen is one where you get stuck in between floors in lumby castle. Haven't said anything cause i figured it was caused by the web walking.
  9. BoglaGold.com all the way man. 1m is $2.49 right now.
  10. To sum it up, 18 hrs or 7 Quest Points. The Trade Restriction only applies to a number of commonly botted items. 7QP is nothing, I guess Jagex really likes the Quest bot detection system. The thing is you get so many bots doing the same couple quests and its easier to detect them.
  11. TiempoSales Contacted me on Skype. He fixed the problem.
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