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  1. L3thalGho5t

    [FC Woodcutting] Looking for beta testers!

    going to try again soon.
  2. L3thalGho5t

    [FC Woodcutting] Looking for beta testers!

    6K WILLOW 2K YEW. I exaggerated a little. not much over 1m lol but thats a lot for me lol
  3. L3thalGho5t

    [FC Woodcutting] Looking for beta testers!

    80 hrs straight. then traded to my main. very shot time after i got a perm ban. still bronze axe. no breaks. I though i might get a ban after getting rid of the money but i didnt want to risk that much gp.... gotta do what ya gotta do... its alot more then the total profit says btw. had botted before but restarted the bot.
  4. L3thalGho5t

    [FC Woodcutting] Looking for beta testers!

    lolololololol If i hit the Reset Statistics button will it reset my total time ran?
  5. L3thalGho5t

    [FC Woodcutting] Looking for beta testers!

    Ummm Front page maybe lol Fresh account Bronze Axe NO BREAKS!!!!
  6. L3thalGho5t

    FC Woodcutting Preview

    Fresh account with bronze. The only bug I have seen is one where you get stuck in between floors in lumby castle. Haven't said anything cause i figured it was caused by the web walking.
  7. L3thalGho5t

    best place to purchase rs gp?

    BoglaGold.com all the way man. 1m is $2.49 right now.
  8. Well out of anger I closed Tribot Client so i lost the errors. when i came back the screen was white. It showed that the script was still running. So I stopped the script and the screen popped up and i could see my account for a sec then it showed i was logged out. So i tried to log in and i was banned. I am not upset at you @Encoded I am just upset this happened. It was only set to bot like 2hrs.
  9. I set a very good account to bot just a couple hrs on Lob at Cath. Came back after work and to see a page full of errors. It kept me logged in and I was banned. Messed up and closed Tribot cause i was upset... Not happy about this. This is not beta testing. The script should be flawless.
  10. L3thalGho5t

    [FC Woodcutting] Looking for beta testers!

    @Final Calibur Awesome Thanks!! This Script is just working to well right now lol.. Going to see what I can do about getting you a nice long Proggy
  11. @Encoded You are correct but while i fished, it didn't bother me much. Couple times but you just run and bank and it will go away for a while. BUG: Not sure if you fixed my bug from earlier or not but this one is sorta the same. Started at Cath with no lob pot in my inv. The Script did not get it out of the bank. tried to fish, failed, then logged.
  12. @Encoded Thank you sir. What about Al Kharid? I went there and didn't see a single bot. Seems to me like it has potential.
  13. L3thalGho5t

    [FC Woodcutting] Looking for beta testers!

    @Final Calibur no worries man. Been running for an hour and a half now with no problems. I guess I just got unlucky.