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  1. Hey I have just come across a little issue with the progressive part for the scrip where it will get you from bronze - dragon. So i set it to get me 100 dragon defenders from bronze. All worked brilliantly until it was time to get the dragon defender. As it went down to the basement it clicked on the door to enter the Cyclops room but it couldn't get in because you have to talk to the lady prior to entering for the first time. So due to this it was stuck spamming on the door, unfortunately i wasn't babysitting the bot so i was stuck there for a few hours before i could manually fix it. Apart from that you already know the script is flawless bro.
  2. hey man, great work on the script, works well man. I've only come across 1 problem, i'm using a smoke battlestaff(fire & air) to create varrock tabs. However the script insists on pulling out the fire runes and air runes which isn't a big problem but it does cut down the tabs made per hour in the long run. if you could some how implement the smoke battlestaff support it would be little more helpful. Apart from that i love the script man thanks alot!
  3. Yea after i get 7k tokens, i would restart the script and set the tokens to 200 so it would just kill cyclopses. However i don't do this no more, as i bot for longer periods now where i can't keep checking up on the bot, so now i only set it for 700 tokens and just let it run on it's own. @karlrais If you could some how update this because if i were to gather 7k tokens, and the bot goes to the cyclopses and kills them till the food finnishes it will go straight to killing armours to get back to 7k tokens even though i still have like 6.4k left or so. If you are able to make it kill cyclopses till the tokens run out before going to gather more, it would be really helpful. It isn't much of an issue but would be a little more useful. Thanks.
  4. my stats 75/87/75 and i used drag defender, d scim, torso, fighter helm,fury,d legs + boots and fcape. and i get 7k tokens at a time before going to the cyclops. Thanks a bunch man, it's working perfectly fine, been running it on drag defender for the past 14hrs, flawless! brilliant work bro.
  5. Hey i've been running the script for over 10hrs now getting 70k+ xp/h and its flawless, however this is only using the rune defender option. When i tried using the drag defender option it always gets stuck at the back yard door from returning from the basement to get more food or tokens. It doesn't attempt to open the door to enter it just keeps clicking the inside of the building and ends up stuck forever.​Please if you could update that it would make this script 100% flawless. Apart from that I love this script! props to you man. thanks.
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