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  1. can someone please post a screenshot of settings they've had good success with. thanks!
  2. okay awesome, thanks for the response dude. makes more sense now.
  3. so i just watched tribot's login bot attempt to login to my account after a disconnect and it was successful. i do not have my username and password saved in the account manager and never have. edit: i did have "auto relog" enabled for the script i was using, however i still did not save any info into the client. any idea how this happened?
  4. okay thanks for the help friends!!
  5. i have never been banned on the account before. only muted
  6. hey so im botting on an account for purely combat stats right now. have never botted anything else, and will never bot for profit. the account has a good total and is old. if by chance i do get caught do you think i would be hit with a perm ban, or 2 day? ive always wondered what made jagex give 2 days instead of just perm banning. can anyone fil me in? thanks.
  7. hey @Starfox thanks for the amazing script. i am now 99 wizardry and have stepped foot outside of hogwarts. i am now going to pursue my destiny of vanquishing lord voldemort back to the shadowrealm
  8. "Allows you to use" nowhere in that description does it say you get proxies for free.
  9. can anyone post what their settings look like for using a blowpipe w/absorbs? thanks!
  10. as stated on the thread, u can never tell with ban rates so it's just best not to ask. i personally have had great success with this script and so have many others
  11. tried out the trial and it was amazing, 180k xp an hr! for stun alching do you suggest finding a place where no random events happen, or does the client have no issue dismissing them while the script is active? probably going to buy this