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  1. just a heads up the bot isnt eating shrimps. I have a full inv it gets down to 3 hp on my skiller and tries to bank deposits everything and runs back with no food.
  2. I understand that you cant buy scripts for lifetime anymore but when you could I purchased them so did they remove the script from everyone that had done that? Edit: Ignore this I finished reading the bottom.
  3. I've been a part of Tribot for awhile and I had purchased two scripts that were lifetime. They were removed recently and I was wondering why? when I purchased it was stated the amount I paid was to have the script for ever. I can see they are still being sold so can someone explain why they took away my access.
  4. Can someone explain to me why the scripts i purchased a long time ago that were lifetime were removed from me. They are no longer in my script inventory. 

  5. I'm looking to purchase 9 credits with paypal.
  6. I am looking to purchase 9 credits using pp please message me if you are able to sell.
  7. Dont get it, just made fresh account. I put 10mil on the account and bought the script. log into the account today to bot and got banned.
  8. Looking for help, I just bought this script. I was wondering where do I have the script price check the items I am trying to flip? Also, how do I make the bot buy all the items on my list so I have all 8 spots in my GE full at all times? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the response I wasn't sure if this update was suppose to fix that issue but good to know.
  10. Are people able to run bots? when I start the script and the bot logs my account in it doesn't get past the screen where you have to click the red box to enter the game.
  11. it would just say attempting to fish and not run the script but i got it to work by restarting computer. Appreciate your quick response.
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