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  1. this one would work I suppose
  2. <3 yes please hit me up man
  3. bumping this shizzzz lol
  4. Mergee or something like that is a good one
  5. Download any click recording software and just make it with that
  6. You just add two breaks to the same thing and put the both on repeat
  7. Question - is the bot unable to solve randoms when running this script? In all honestly I just want genie (and exam but I'd settle for just genie) to get slayer exp on my skiller while running. this could be a client-sidded thing but I honestly just don't know. I only use this script DOPE script by the way. 10/10. I run it for hours on end on my skiller that I actually care about and have had 0 trouble. thanks
  8. That does make sense thanks a ton man
  9. I'm looking to set up a break handler that acts as a person who wakes up, plays a but, goes to work / school or whatever, then comes home and plays a bunch with some small breaks. I know what I want for times, and my Question is about the 'Occurrence' column. what does 'Once' really mean and what does 'Repeat' mean. If I put it on repeat will it just do that one break over and over again? and if I put it on once does that mean it will use that break one time and then never again? Or does Repeat mean over and over again and once means once per cycle through all of the breaks? or does repeat mean once per cycle through the scheduled breaks? What I want to be able to do is let this break schedule run for like a week straight. It might be a terrible Idea but oh well I'll do it on a throw away account. Thanks guys!
  10. what do you mean by semi-afk? what would you do?
  11. this probably has a relatively low risk of ban I would assume, no?
  12. basically I have a couple accounts running the same script right now and the paint is using the stats and exp and everything from the first account I started running. This isn't a script-sided thing, unless I just so happened to have chosen like 5 scripts that all have the same issue. It's a premium, very well made script so I would assume it's client sided. Thanks
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