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  1. This is a client issue due to the recent RS update. I’ll take a look tomorrow and see if I can do anything about it.
  2. I will message you privately to continue this conversation.
  3. It goes in the "client debug" tab. Also, are you using Looking Glass, or the normal client?
  4. I'm currently testing tutorial island and it's working perfectly. What operating system are you using? Was there anything being printed in the "bot debug" tab? Also, if this occurs again, click "Print script stack trace" under the "Script" menu option, and send the result to me.
  5. Yes, I can add this when I have time. You bought the lite version. Did the account have Cook's Assistant completed prior to running the script? Not sure why you tagged Usa in this post. Make sure your client is on fixed mode, and also restart the TRiBot client twice.
  6. Yes, it does. Currently I'm finishing up my last semester at university and am in the process of finding a career. When things settle down and my situation is clear, I'll be able to offer an accurate estimate on that. As for right now, I'm afraid I can't be more specific.
  7. I will work on fixing this right now. Edit: Fixed The script will use the GE for quests listed on the front page, as long as you have the required amount of gold on your character (either in the bank or in your inventory). The script currently uses home teleport but other teleports have not been tested thoroughly. I'm planning on putting more work into the teleport system, as well as adding stamina / energy potions.
  8. Clean Code Notes

    Notes have been updated with a couple more sections!
  9. Clean Code Notes

    I understand your reasoning as to why the wording may be confusing for newcomers. I'll modify it to clarify a little bit. Semantics aside, I strongly believe in the validity of the claim. I am supportive of the argument you stated, that "they aren't data structures, but rather Objects that contain data structures." That is exactly what they are, hence why they fit into the category of an object. They hide their internals behind abstractions, and offer functions to operate on their data. Exactly what Robert C. Martin was suggesting. Unless I've misunderstood, I'm fairly certain we're in agreement here. However I do understand that most new programmers will not understand this on a fundamental level, so I will add a few notes to clarify.
  10. Clean Code Notes

    I have continued reading. New notes have been posted.
  11. What Operating System are you using? What is printed in the “Bot Debug” tab?
  12. Black Knight's Fortress is currently in progress. I do plan on adding Dragon Slayer in the future. As for members quests, I am waiting until I have enough time to bond up 20-30 accounts and develop and test a batch of members quests at once.
  13. Was there anything in the other debug tab? I have just tried it, and it worked perfectly.
  14. You’re having the same issue with the script not starting? I’m going to need more info than that. There was also an RS update today, please keep that in mind.