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  1. Did you ever actually instantiate the array before attempting to use it, or did you just declare it?
  2. Okay, I'll look at it later
  3. Did you try it without the quotes?
  4. Not currently, but this is something I can add.
  5. For now you'll just have to use multiple clients as opposed to tabs. I'm sorry that you've ran into this issue.
  6. Just letting everyone know, I will no longer be adding any new features to FC Woodcutting. I will continue to fix any script-breaking bugs. FC Woodcutting has a rewrite planned sometime in future.
  7. Not bad, but far too many Egyptian-like pyramids of code throughout your scripts. Here is an example. Convoluted code not only makes your script hard to read and analyze (like we're trying to do now), but also hampers future debugging and development. It's a no from me for now, I'd like to see you clean up your code a bit, think of simpler and cleaner ways to accomplish your tasks, and reapply in the near future. @RedHawkLuffy Responding to your comments, it isn't the variable / method naming that makes it hard to read, it's the method length. There are multiple ways to improve this, whether it be through abstraction, or even taking advantage of short-circuit evaluation in your if statements. A big part of the Scripter rank, in my opinion, is driving the community forward with open source scripts. It is for this reason that clean, elegant, and readable code is the most important criteria that I think about when looking at Scripter applications. I hope this clarifies my perspective. @RedHawkLuffy That's a step in the right direction. Also, consider abstracting away any frequently-used conditions across all of your Scripts, so you don't have to keep nesting / rewriting them whenever you make a Timing#waitCondition call. Obviously there will be cases where there are script specific wait-conditions, but in the vast majority of cases you will find yourself re-using the same type of Condition. Also, I've noticed that you're null checking on many occasions that you don't actually need to. Here and here for example. Once you length check the array that is returned by the API, you don't need to null check the elements. TRiBot will not return arrays with null elements. Game#isUptext will make your life easier in this method. Magic numbers here and here. Also I despise your code for painting, it's brute-forced in every script and could benefit from you creating a nice framework for it. This was analysis of just one class, but fix up these issues throughout your code and make it generally cleaner, and you'll be well on your way (in my opinion) to achieving the rank.
  8. @SYNDEC I just tested profile saving, and it was working fine for me. Make sure you're giving each profile a unique name when you save it, otherwise it will overwrite any existing profile with the same name. Test it again if you can, and post here with the result. @pwnaggge I've uploaded something that should help with the issue you posted. Haven't tested it though, so I'm not 100% sure that it will work. Please test it if you can and let me know.
  9. I'll work on this, as well as the profile bug soon. Been a little busy recently. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. I will look into the profile issue today. As for the Webwalking, theres nothing I can really do for that unless I created my own custom travel system, which is not something I'm interested in at the moment. Thanks for the feedback, I'll fix that issue after work.
  11. Can't say I've heard that one before haha, but thank you, I appreciate it.
  12. Thank you all for the kind comments!
  13. Doesn't support it yet, but I can add it quickly when I get around to it (which will probably be soon). Thanks!
  14. ACTIVATE HERE VIEW THE CORE SOURCE HERE Hello everyone, this is a project that I was actively working on a couple of months ago. This is an AIO miner, which is around 85-90% complete. It is very feature rich and configurable. Here are some of the features: Task-based FC Mining is based off of my mission framework, which allows for very easy chaining of tasks. For example, you can easily set up the bot to do this (hypothetical): Mine iron at Rimmington for 10 minutes Mine 100 copper at a Custom location Mine until 45 mining on progressive mode with a preference toward money (will choose the most optimal ore to make the most money) Powermine iron at a custom location until 99 Each task in a mission can be configured with the following options: Mode (Bank, Drop Inventory, M1D1) Rock type (Auto select or specific - Auto select chooses from the default locations as well as any saved custom locations that support the chosen rock) Location (saved custom locations are loaded into the supported locations list if they support the chosen rock type) Progression Type (Experience, Money) - Only applies when on auto-select mode ABC2 Pick upgrading Goals (any combination of these - they all must be completed before it moves on) Mining level (will mine until the level is reached) Time elapsed (hh:mm:ss) (will mine until the specified amount of time has elapsed) Ore gained (will mine until the target amount of ore has been gained) Infinite (will continue the task forever) World Hopping settings Players in area (will hop if the number of players in the area are >= the specified amount) Ore stolen (will hop if the ore stolen is >= the specified number) No ore available (will hop if no ore is available - good for runite mining) Custom Locations (can be saved, loaded and edited with the following settings) Name Center tile Radius Custom bank path (optional - web walking is used if this is not specified) Deposit box support (check box if banking at deposit box - must be used with custom bank path) Supported Rocks (check the ore types that this location supports) Profile saving / loading You can save and load your custom mission lists As you can see, the script is currently pretty feature rich. However, as this is the beta, modifications will be made and new content will be added. Here are some planned updates: Muling (you can already see the tab in the GUI, but it isn't functional) Support for mining multiple rock types at the same time in a mission GE support for buying pick upgrades? Script arguments for loading a specific profile (good for bot farms) Media As always, please report any bugs and I will do my best to fix them.
  15. Implement the Ending interface in your Script.