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  1. Purchased the script 2 days ago at lvl 87 magic, got 94 this morning. Flawless.
  2. tomnr100

    Tribot White Screen (First Time Using)

    resize it?
  3. @daxmagex, is there a way to upgrade my current plan? I'm only 2 days in but i'd like to upgrade to unlimited auths.
  4. Banking method: could you add the method to talk to the npc to unnote the clay (outside of the POH at rimmington)
  5. tomnr100

    Purchasing credits: PayPal verification

    Went on a holiday, sorry. Yes it's verified.
  6. tomnr100

    Statistical ban analasys

    Intresting to get a global picture of the banrate. As you mentioned sample data is very important and could be influenced by a lot of other factors.
  7. tomnr100

    Purchasing credits: PayPal verification

    Bump - still no solution found.
  8. tomnr100

    how to hide a bot

    Window hide tool (google it)
  9. tomnr100

    Need Private Script

    Contact Worthy, made scripts for me before within a few days.
  10. @daxmagex any bugfixes comming up on the bugs that the people above reported to you?
  11. I wish to buy more credits with my PayPal, as I've done before. This time it asks me to verify my account by email. However, I never received this email (not in my junk folder either) "If you wish to purchase credits via PayPal, you must do a simple email verification. The email address to be verified should be your PayPal account email address. If you try buying credits with a PayPal account other than the one with the verified email, the payment will be rejected. You are only permitted to use one PayPal account per TRiBot account." I do own the hotmail account linked to the PayPal, however, I never received this email (not in my junk folder either).
  12. Doesn't matter, 25 hitpoints out of your 50 counts as 50%, easy formula.
  13. Believe it or not, I had 3 bots running for 20 hours a day - over 1 MONTH straight.