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  1. 1 pray fire cape

  2. Login limit exceeded?

    I actually never get this message, playing on 4 accounts on the same IP.
  3. Purchased the script 2 days ago at lvl 87 magic, got 94 this morning. Flawless.
  4. Tribot White Screen (First Time Using)

    resize it?
  5. Upgrading a script

    Hi, I bought @daxmagex hunting script for 12.99 (1 month limited auths) two days ago, but I'd like to upgrade it to $39.99 (Unlimited Auths). Is there a way for me to upgrade this? I don't want to pay the full price of 39.99, but I'd like to pay the supplement of 20.
  6. @daxmagex, is there a way to upgrade my current plan? I'm only 2 days in but i'd like to upgrade to unlimited auths.
  7. Darkscape no botwatch?

    which bot client are you using for darkscape?
  8. 80-90 magic?

    string amulets
  9. Vouch for omfgwdf, Rented his account in the past.
  10. Banking method: could you add the method to talk to the npc to unnote the clay (outside of the POH at rimmington)
  11. Purchasing credits: PayPal verification

    Went on a holiday, sorry. Yes it's verified.
  12. Statistical ban analasys

    Intresting to get a global picture of the banrate. As you mentioned sample data is very important and could be influenced by a lot of other factors.
  13. Purchasing credits: PayPal verification

    Bump - still no solution found.
  14. how to hide a bot

    Window hide tool (google it)