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  1. @Aropupu Hey, the script started having problems today starting up about an hour and a half ago. Here's two examples of what's being repeated over and over within the logs. [10:14:55] at obf.re.G(bn:152) [10:14:55] at obf.re.G(bn:633) [10:14:55] at obf.re.run(bn:458) [10:14:55] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [10:14:55] java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to [i [10:14:55] at org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.getAll(im:15) [10:14:55] at org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.getAll(im:76) [10:14:55] at obf.Cg.J(hk:157) [10:14:55] at obf.re.G(bn:152) [10:14:55] at obf.re.G(bn:633) [10:14:55] at obf.re.run(bn:458) [10:14:55] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [10:14:55] java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to [i [10:14:55] at org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.getAll(im:15) [10:14:55] at org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.getAll(im:76)
  2. @Usa have you checked out this problem? [13:12:42] Clicking random tile to reset the servant.[13:12:50] Clicking random tile to reset the servant.[13:12:55] Clicking random tile to reset the servant.[13:13:03] Clicking random tile to reset the servant.[13:13:11] Clicking random tile to reset the servant. He is just walking around the house @Usa It happens to me within two hours or less of running the bot.
  3. Having the same problems as others. Also, it says the amount of instances was surpassed, which is strange cause I'm the only owner of my account, there is no way the instances were surpassed
  4. @Aropupu Please forget what I posted, it's unnecessary work for you. I have found a very easy workaround to it getting confused between both stairs, and I think it'd be great for you to add it in the description of this bot so that nobody else runs into this problem. I kinda feel bad about it being so simple too. After you finish Contact! Make sure to try and go down the dungeon and click on the "Don't show me again" box. This way whenever you try to go down, a chat will start with an npc and this will prevent you from going down unless you click continue, the script will ignore this chat and click the ladder again. That's the workaround, again please add it to description so nobody else gets stuck here. Sorry for the inconvenience if you already did start to work on a workaround.
  5. Very good script, doesn't look bot-like unless you put the mouse movement to a massive amount. There's one crucial problem though, if you're banking at the Sophanem bank, and when he tries to exit he accidentally clicks the dungeon ladders, he'll get stuck in the interface of "no I'm not scared of the dark" or "yes, I am". He got stuck there for a few minutes and I had to close the interface and click on the stairs back up to Sophanem myself. You can easily see how this could lead to a report. "Oh, didn't I see this guy thieving at the pyramid? Whatev, might be afk *comes back to bank again* This guy is still right here, his bot must've gotten stuck. Reported." Please fix this, until then, I'll just say this is a good, fun to watch script but it's dangerous if you're banking in Sophanem. Also, some sexypaint would be nice, not something essential though!
  6. This script is amazing. I just bought 2 months of it, let's hope I don't get banned. Ban rates seem to be quite low, you'll never get reported so that helps.
  7. How did you all get to 67 construction? The only other construction script is $10, and the free one is a piece of shit. I ran the trial, and it works perfectly, and I would love to purchase this script, but I think I'd be making more profit making house tabs, which 67 construction is needed... Any ideas?
  8. He keeps on spam clicking the butler... I did put butler as an input. edit: I do have demon butler
  9. Was working perfectly a couple of months back, I've seen a few problems so far that could easily get your account detected as a bot. Here's a few: First one is that while waiting in veteran boat he'll spam click the gangplank. Second, script randomly ends Third, sometimes he just stands there doing nothing while there's a portal/monsters to attack Fourth is that he gets stuck behind gates often None of these were happening about three months back, for now I recommend staying away from this script (Only veteran had all of these problems (only one I tried) but medium also had abrupt script endings). I really like how fast xCode's been able to work on his scripts and his attitude towards people that use them, but he might have this script in denial for some time now seeing as one of the problems that I mentioned appeared a while back for someone else.
  10. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but here goes. There are three different currently working (I made a few accounts very recently) free scripts that will do tutorial island/quest/webwalk for a player. Chances are, you won't get much service, unless you add making an account (tut island script does that too) and then, it'd become risky for whoever buys this account off of you as you could take it back. Sorry, dude! Good luck with your current/future services though!
  11. Pyker, but do you think it can happen again if I begin splashing?
  12. I'm using OSbuddy, but I was just thinking they may ban me again for past offenses. I hope there's nothing to worry about.
  13. Yeah I think the second option was what happened. Should I still worrry about it? I haven't botted since then.
  14. I have an account with 5 99s on it and over 60m. Once i reached my last 99 (botted), I decided it was time to stop botting and play legit. I played legit for over a month, and one day I decided to go splashing to get my magic level up. When I came back to my computer I came to the surprise I was banned. However, it was only a 2 day ban. The ban was lifted, and I haven't botted on this account since. I wanted to splash again, but I'm afraid I will get banned again. Thoughts?
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