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  1. Same issue as LG isn't available, had to purchase 2 day version alongside month subscription.
  2. @Einstein Still broken for me - is it just me?
  3. For me, the script is ending as soon as it begins.
  4. Can you make it turn quick pray on as it runs in instead of the boat? Also, I'm getting a 'Got wrong squire' error at the moment.
  5. Lukeydoo

    LG Black Screen

    Deleted everything in temp folder and it now works.
  6. To add to the anti-ban, when it has chosen to eat on a certain HP, it could wait for a while longer at the designated HP before guzzling - at the moment it will guzzle on the exact moment of reaching the predetermined HP.
  7. It's not eating back to 0. When it AFKs, it would also be better to go off screen some of the time.
  8. Can you speed up the clicking speed of the monster once it has returned to its safe spot when ranging?
  9. To support this, I got 99 ranged and strength using this bot fine leaving it on nearly 24/7. Thanks Texan
  10. I have also had it change attack styles without my input, sadly it ruined my zerker. And since it first did it, I've come back to it having changed attack styles nearly 5 times now. It started happening last week, before that it's been fine.
  11. How do I make it bank the loot it takes? At the moment if I set it to loot items it will then just keep clicking the bank interface, coming out of it, and then clicking it again.
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