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  1. Yeah it said i could transfer 5 credits. So i bought some credits. When i tried transfering them it said I needed vip and over 100 posts. I wouldnt have bought the credits if it showed me that from the start... I would like to have my money back or a transfer of my credits to Wrathe (member id: 291545). I hope you understand the situation. Please make it more clear that you can only transfer 5 credits if you have vip and 100 posts. So situations like this can be avoided. Thanks in advance, Thomas
  2. Dear TriBot, I just bought 8 credits for a friend, but i cant seem to find how to create a voucher code! Can someone help me out? Thanks in advance, Thomas
  3. You should do a check on whats illegal about this. Its cheating in a game, nothing more than that. Do you really think that my guide affects the gold price?? You should blaim the big time bug abusers & hackers not me lol. Im helping out starting gold farmers.
  4. Hey whatsup guys! I have been gold farming for about a year now. When I look back at when I just started I can tell you that it was one hell of a journey! From feeling like a boss using my first crappy f2p script to making hundreds of dollars a month. Getting my whole farm banned to running the farm without bans for over a month (dat feeling when u have to buy new bonds because Jagex didnt catch u ). When I started botting there werent really any people around showing me the tricks of the business. Ofcourse I understand that nobody is going to share any good methods, but I mean just the basics. Thats why i decided to make a guide on gold farming. I hope I can help some of you and motivate people to start a farm as well. Most people think that gold farming is just setting up some accounts, start some scripts and the money comes running in. Well I wish it was that way, it's a never ending process of trial and error, persistance and being innovative. Check out my guide at http://www.howtobotrs.com, hope I helped some of you guys out! If this post isnt in the right place, please remind me and I will change it ASAP. Peace
  5. Hey whatsup guys! I want to show you guys the profit that ive made in just 1 week using only 2 RC accounts (89,72). (cant wait till they are 91,75!!!). I wanna use more accounts, getting them up to 43 rc, 50 ish agil, 50 ish def and 50 ish mining is the hardest part tho, banrate is high in the early fase. Anyone knows how to bypass that? Im currently just buying rc accounts to bypass it. https://youtu.be/gGynGiSlATs Hope i can motivate some of you guys to start botting (again)!
  6. which one XD? there are many doo doo do do da da da dooo do do do's!
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