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  1. There have been so many merching bot bans recently. People have even been posting about their bans. YOUR fault for not doing your research.
  2. I just received another ban in world 1. I am NOT crying, blaming Erik or the script for this ban, I just wanted to inform you guys. Surprisingly, it was my first macroing minor in about 5 years. Note that the account was just made today.
  3. Just purchased this script. Will let you know how it goes
  4. This script is perfection! It has all that you would imagine in a herblore script. Thank you for the release Bradsta.
  5. Quality script made by a godly scripter. This script is so fast and flawless. Thanks for your work!
  6. Good luck m8. Where be your doge avatar?
  7. Why do you claim yourself as trusted when you only have 4 feedback?
  8. Check off Debug -> Inventory
  9. Script loaders are no longer allowed. All premium scripts needed to be added to the repository. Redeem your auth through here - https://tribot.org/repository/index.php/user_panel/redeem_auth/ The script will now be under the "Fishing" section of your Script Manager.
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