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  1. imm106

    daxChins [9/21/2014]

    update: ran for about 55 hours straight until receiving a 2 day bot busting moderate ban. Very stable script, hopefully you wont get the ban if you don't suicide like I did. thanks dax
  2. imm106

    daxChins [9/21/2014]

    update: 48 hour proggy
  3. imm106

    daxChins [9/21/2014]

    a little over 21 hours straight, this script is so killer! thank you dax
  4. Mmmm, neeeeed this. Wish I was able to do Plague city for the free auth, since I'm broke right now
  5. Amount of gold to sell: 30m Payment method: BT Have you PM'ed me your skype or msn: yes Have you added me already: yes Will you leave me a positive feedback and a vouch: yes, if trade goes smoothly
  6. He isn't selling. He's putting the script on a script loader so he can issue is 1 hour trial auth codes to test this.
  7. I've got 99 hunter on my account, if you need anyone to test. Wouldn't want to lend out my account though, however. If this script runs well, it would be amazing.
  8. Update: Was going for a 24hr proggy, but god darn TRiBot client decides to freeze after 20 hours. Here's a shot, though.
  9. Been running great 14 hours so far, will update later if I can get a longer proggy. Awesome script
  10. Here's a 7 and a half hour proggy. It ran longer than this, but I wasn't home to get a screenshot past 7 and a half hours.
  11. Had this running for 8 hours straight last night, but didn't get a screenshot! I did get this screenshot, though. with small/med/large pouch im getting a stable 1000 nats/hr (sometimes a little more or less) Can't wait for giant pouch.. Here's a 4hr screenie, though. Gonna try for 24 hours now.
  12. This isn't true. I would have voted paid if this was a script that I would actually be willing to pay for, honestly. When I buy a script, most of the time it would be because it will make back more money than I paid in a short amount of time, OR it completes a tedious task that must be repeated often, that I wouldn't like to complete myself. Tutorial islland is tedious, yes, but how often am I going to have to do tutorial island? I only make about 2 new accounts a month, and I don't mind doing it every once in a while, which is why I wouldn't pay for a script like this.
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