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  1. As long as you've logged in recently it should store that information indefinitely. I haven't had to input my login info for months after the initial sign in on each server
  2. Turn off all your ingame sounds on the accounts running on your VPS and that will fix it. It's a long standing memory leak that happens when you run tribot on a computer/server that doesn't have a sound card.
  3. The OP doesn't say it's a farming contract script. Adam assumes that is what it is based on his very vague description. The Original poster says that it's a great script to make premium and sell for $10. However, he hides what specifically it is, never mentioning farming contracts or what it is, other than 'it can be done with a mouse recorder'. He's hiding the details like he wants it to be private. Plus, the fact that it can be done with a mouse recorder according to OP means it's probably not contracts, as you wouldn't be able to plan around random contracts?
  4. I'm not even talking to him I'm talking to the OP. I think you need to look again....
  5. You haven't listed what you're offering roughly, or what the script entails. You say it's a great script to make premium and sell, but then you're acting as if you want a private script.
  6. It will return false sometimes yes, but you should be sure that your code flows so that it retries if it returns false/the waitcondition times out. The crosshair isn't working because you're not calling any clicks. You're telling to click ellis. Then, after it clicks ellis, you're saying "for the next 10 seconds, if you click, set this number to 1, and stop waiting" You're also probably running into issues because your RSNPC is being created outside the while loop. You're creating it, sleeping, then using that outdated information to click. Then, if it cycles through the while loop again that RSNPC you created a few seconds ago is even more outdated. Also, what is "tannerOpen"? I'm not sure why you're setting it to 1 manually.
  7. if (DynamicClicking.clickRSNPC(tanner[0], "Chat Option")) { General.sleep(25,50) Timing.waitCondition(() -> isTannerInterfaceOpen(), (Sleeping time)); } Works perfectly for me. Instantly retries if the click is unsuccessful, waits for the interface to open if it is successful. The Timing.crosshair is probably returning 0, because if you look at your gif, it's not clicking, so no X is appearing. That's why that's not working.
  8. Clicking returns true/false whether or not the click was successful. I haven't had any issues with the clicking/dynamicclicking returning the wrong thing.
  9. As others have said, the biggest hurdle is dealing with other players. There's a finite number of worlds and god wars is often pretty crowded. Having the script know how to react when being crashed/how to know not to crash someone else can be somewhat difficult. Because it's already crowded, and not instanced, the number of auths you can reasonably sell before it becomes overcrowded is probably too low to be worthwhile as a public script. I wouldn't expect premium scripts for any non-instanced bosses for this reason.
  10. It's only been 4 hours, and you haven't posted how much you're expecting to pay for the script, or any details about it. Give it a bit of time, script writer's aren't trolling the forums hourly looking for requests. Also, tell them what you're willing to pay. All too often people offer far too little for private scripts, so anyone who doesn't post their payment amount may be overlooked.
  11. Ok, so with runecrafting the most popular RC script averages about 4-4.2k natures per hour based on relevant progress reports (2-2.1k essence). The wiki says ~2700 essence per hour is possible 2050 / 2700 = ~76% efficiency compared to people playing as quickly as possible. Not to mention, most scripts would be much higher than that because they're less click intensive and have more limitations based on skilling speed. Most mining/fishing/crafting/combat/bankstanding activities would likely be around 80-95% efficiency depending on activity.
  12. What script is operating at 35-50% efficiency? I can't think of a single script that fits that description. You're probably comparing apples to oranges. "This mining script is only getting me 45k/hr at motherlode! I could get 100k+ doing 1 tick granite!". That's not a script at 45% efficiency, it's just a script that does a different thing than you want it to.
  13. Yes, it's very easy to make a script do something faster than a human can. It's just difficult to do it in a way that looks remotely human. Look at the rune sudoku bots that used to be popular; they'd solve a full sudoku puzzle flawlessly every time in a matter of a few seconds. When writing a script efficiency is far less important than longevity.
  14. When everyone looks to goldfarm, they often look for the secret method, what to bot, how long; they're looking for this magic perfect formula to make easy money and not get banned. The truth is, that doesn't exist. What works for one person may not work for another for countless reasons. Simply put, there's too many variables involved to determine why X/Y account did/didn't get banned. Patterns can only be determined over large numbers of accounts, and even then what worked for 6 months may stop working at any time, for any reason. Instead, rather than trying to tell you there's some secret method to botting ("bot 24/7, "bot 1 hr 32mins a day, "bot green dragons" "bot X" -- almost all the people saying things like this are spewing anecdotal bullshit), I'm going to let you find out what works for you. Instead, I'll help you determine if your goldfarm is doomed to fail from the start. Time commitment When it comes to gold-farming, time is your most important resource. How much time spent does it take you to get an account producing GP? If you're F2P farming, even just 30 seconds spent per account is likely too much if you want a reasonable amount of profit. Other methods, either because of increased GP/hr, or account longevity, are worth spending a few minutes/even a few hours on. So, when you're thinking of your method, you need to think in terms of not the amount of GP/hr you'd earn doing it, but the amount of time needed to get to that point. Earning 1M/hr is nice, but if setting up 4 400k/hr accounts takes half the time, the 400k/hr method might end up being the more viable one. Figure out how long, in minutes/hours it'll take to get 1 account ready to go. If you realize it takes 4 hours of 'work' to get an account ready, and you're only making 20M profit per account, you can do some quick math based on the gold price and realize you're only earning ~$4/hr or so for your time. It's up to you to determine if the 'work' is worth it. It doesn't just take time to run a gold-farm though; It also takes in-game gold. Gold commitment Another overlooked aspect of gold-farming is gold commitment. Essentially, how much gold you need to put into an account to get it running. Generally speaking, you're looking at (cost of Bond + GP required to reach all requirements + estimated amount of 'gear/supplies' you put on the account). Certain activities can have a really high gold commitment, and can make them less desirable than initially expected. My favorite example is GE-merchanting scripts. Literally zero requirements other than a bond, and you're earning 1M or so per hour. Great in terms of time commitment, but the Gold commitment is very high. Every bit of GP you have on an account that is tied up in a method is a risk. There's a risk of the account getting banned with the wealth, Sure, you can mule off the gold whenever you're not botting, and you can even avoid jagex typical ban hours, but that's not guaranteed. So, assuming 200m of wealth to make 1m/hr flipping on an account, you need to run about 200 hours to hit the 'safe' break-even point. Now, risk on a farm like this is hard to calculate because it depends heavily on your ability to not get an account caught with lots of wealth on it. Instead, let's use something more static like a Green Dragon Killer. Your avg Green-dragon killer will have about 2-3M in gear on it (perhaps a bit more if you're using a whip. So, bond + ~3M Gear + ~500k to get it GDK ready leaves you with about a 6.5M total 'gold' cost. At ~250k/hr with medium stats, you're looking at about 26 hours as your breakeven point. So, with GE-flipping you have high risk, high reward botting. Your profit/hr is high, and your effort is low, but the potential for you to lose out hugely is there. Plus, it ties up a large amount of GP which could be used to fuel other farms. I find it's important to look at when you become profitable to determine if the farm is worth doing. Many times I've come up with a farm idea but can quickly determine that it doesn't make sense based on the logistics. Sure it may make 2m/hr, but if it requires elite diaries to get there, it's probably not worth your time. Likewise, if fletching onyx bolts is 5m/hr (I.E. when revs were first released), but requires 250m/hr investment it's probably not worth tying down/risking that much GP for. Money commitment Botting also has a monetary cost associated with it. You've got your VIP cost (which is almost negligible), Electricity costs (which I'm aware many of you may not pay for, but somebody is) Server costs Script costs Vip costs are $8. There's no way around it unless you become scripter rank, but the time commitment there outweighs any marginal savings you'd get. Electricity costs -- You either pay for your utilities or you don't, but it's costing someone money. Electricity is really expensive where I live so keeping my PC on 24/7 costs me a fair bit (Somewhere around $50/month?) For serious farmers this is negligible, but still. If you're in a warm climate there's also potential costs associated with keeping your space comfortable while your PC is generating heat. Server costs - The bulk of any gold farm's costs. Before any purchases are made, ensure your method is tried and true and you're earning enough to justify having a server. I've seen people set up 200 accounts on a Monday, get banned by Wednesday, and then get demoralized and leave their server vacant for the other 28 days of the month. Script costs - Learning basic java is a good way to cut down on script costs. If you're serious about gold-farming you're going to want to be able to make most simple scripts because you can tailor them to your needs exactly. You can make a script that gets you your desired stats in just the way you want, and for free. People will argue whether private scripts make a difference when botting, but I can tell you that if your scripts are of a similar quality to the public premium ones, it can't hurt. That said, there's nothing wrong with utilizing already existing scripts to help your farm. Granted it was back during lifetime auths, I used a AIO fighter script here for the initial account training, racked up hundreds of millions of XP earned over thousands of accounts without issue. Just spend wisely. Paying for private scripts is also a viable option, but you really need to make sure you do your due diligence, otherwise you may drop hundreds of dollars on a method that doesn't work out. TL;DR If you're looking for the secret to making billions from gold-farming you're not going to find them. They don't exist. I know a guys who swears by running RC accounts nearly 24/7 and has a handful of 99 rc accounts to prove it. It works for him, and it doesn't work for me no matter how much I try to mimic his methods. So, instead of looking for the post "10 lifehacks to really win at botting!" take some time, do some math and determine for yourself the best way to proceed. The truth is, goldfarming is a lot of trial and error, and it 's always evolving. What I made 400m/day on 4 years ago no longer works today, just as my current methods won't earn what they do now in 4 more years. Goldfarming is about adapting to the changes in the game and the economy. There are people in the world willing to play runescape for less than a dollar an hour. If you're from a developed nation you've got to be a lot smarter than they are to earn a reasonable income from gold-farming. There's also no shame in learning that gold-farming isn't for you. Sometimes it's just too difficult to get to an amount earned that's worth your time. Determine how much you value your time, and how much it feels like 'work' to manage your farm. If the rewards from your time/effort are greater than that, congratulations. If not, work at your strategy until it is. If you just can't get there, that's ok too.
  15. Done efficiently, you'd get about 60k exp/hr. I'd estimate the script would probably get you around 45-50k or so
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