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  1. Two weekends ago there was an error with their banning system that led to no accounts getting banned for a few days. I'd start your accounts again at 8PM. The ones surviving may have simply been because of that. I know me personally, accounts that would last ~24hrs lasted over 96 hours because of this.
  2. How much time is invested into a fully automated f2p farm? When I farmed f2p, i would spend 5-10minutes a day on a 50 account farm.
  3. I don't think the end is here for them. Server space is cheap, and gold is expensive. Sure $1/M doesn't seem like much, but it's a generous price. My servers cost me about 75c per account I run, assuming i run that account 24/7 all month. That means a fully automated free to play farm only needs to generate 750k per account, per month to be profitable. That works out to about 25k a day. You might say nobody would do that for such mediocre profits, but i'd point to bitcoin mining. People were still mining for profit even when it was only justifiable when the computers running doubled as a heat source for your home. That said, if the accounts made 500k a day (about 21k an hour) that's still $14 or so per month per account. I don't see F2P botting going anywhere. It isn't, and won't ever be the most efficient way to gold-farm, but it is definitely the easiest once you're fully autonomous.
  4. I was wondering why my profit/hr was so much higher than usual lol. Took a look at this post and that explains it.
  5. If you're thinking of doing this (to sell maxed accounts) there's a few things you need to know: -It would take like 3 months to max MINIMUM at 12HRS/day "played" (mostly afk) -You will make ZERO profit until you max. -You will make significantly less per account than someone with reputation selling maxed accounts. That said, if you're going to do this, you'll want more than 6 accounts. Whether you do one account or 25, it will take roughly the same amount of effort (clicking each screen once every 20 minutes to stay logged in) for most of the duration. I'd also recommend buying 70/70/70 accounts from trusted players. They'll only cost you like 10M and save you a lot of time if you're doing the entire account by hand. (It removes the Non-NMZ portion where it's less afk). The only thing about doing more accounts is a bigger gold investment. 6-7 Bonds to max ~20M/account, plus the gear and other things that go along with it. All in all, you could expect to make $120/account, over 3 months. So if you do 20 accounts, that'd be $2400 over 3 months including expenses. Just know, maxed accounts don't sell quickly. There's tons of providers, many more trusted than you. You'll have to sell much lower than them to turn over accounts, which is why I only project this amount of profit. Sorry for the long post, but I want you to realize what you're getting into before you begin, because you get nothing out of it if you don't finish strong.
  6. Do people have problems muling their own gold? I've only ever had one mule banned in years of botting, and that was my own fault. When weekend bans were non-existent, I would run many suicide accounts on VPS's with no proxy (to keep their IP separate from my everyday botting accounts that i would run on the same VPS's throughout the week), and I accidentally logged into my mule on one of my VPS's. That said, as soon as I did I cleaned that account out and it did get banned, but I lost nothing of value. Keeping a ton of gp is always a risk, but having a ton of GP allows you to be flexible with your botting methods. I would suggest the best thing to do would be to split up your mules. It costs nothing to have a F2P mule, and a proxy is very cheap. So, if you're goldfarming for $$, 10 proxies and 10 f2p mules all on their own IP cost you like $5-15/month, depending on where you get your proxies.
  7. Fair enough, as far as the data it records though, does it store a log of trades made so that I could see what items are performing the best/what are duds? Obviously this could be accomplished by babysitting the script pretty heavily, but that's far from ideal. And as far as aggressiveness goes, what is aggressiveness relative to if you know? I'm not asking for the ideal number, but how does 2.5 vary from 2.6 etc. The number value means little to me if I'm not sure how it's applied to the various formulas and algorithms, outside of simple trial and error to determine what I think it does.
  8. In your experience (to anyone who uses this script or flips regularly) is it better to buy more expensive items versus quick-smaller flips? The reason I ask, is when I used to flip years ago, the most efficient way to make money was not necessarily with big items, but with small items you could buy and sell quickly. The script seems to take a while to find that sweet spot to sell (because it doesn't/cant do that whole 'sell one and undercut by 1gp' method -- two people merching the same item = constant crashing). Let's just say an item like yew logs. It should take no more than 5 minutes to buy and sell your limit and make like 50k off of it. However, the script would probably take like a half hour, because it can't immediately find the margin. So would it be better, strictly in the case of this script to buy more expensive items? The amount of GP on the account isn't the issue, I'm just learning how to maximize profit with it. Also, should I experiment with aggressiveness/other settings to push better profit/hr? Or is it not worth it? Thanks in advance for any insight
  9. To add to the poster above, it uses about 3X the resources of running a normal client. As far as ban rates go, I'm not so certain it does much. Logically, based on what it does, it should only effect ban rates if the client gets detected, in which LG could potentially save an account. The only other thing that could have an effect on ban rates regarding LG is how the script behaves with LG. Scripts tend to run differently on LG (mostly because they run much more slowly/inefficiently). That said, sometimes it's enough just be different to avoid bans. The proof there is in private scripts. Running a private script generally finds lower ban rates, even when doing the same activities; why? because you're doing them differently. It's handling interfaces slightly differently, it's clicking sightly differently etc. Or, if all of the above is wrong, and LG does absolutely nothing regarding bans, then it's just confirmation bias. People who use LG are cautious, therefore they bot more cautiously, therefore they report lower ban rates.
  10. I spent thousands of accounts figuring out what I can bot and what I can get away with. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to share that. Why? Because when a method becomes saturated, I start noticing bans. I had a previously private method where I could bot 24/7 without ban. A few months into it, other botters noticed what I was doing and copied my method. Now, after months of accounts lasting indefinitely, they get banned every few days, and the bans just so happened to start when other people started doing what I was doing. Unfortunately it comes down to time/money spent. Many other people did just as I did: experimented with many accounts to find out what they can get away with. Now, those of us that are successful are making money off of it. I make ~150m 07 a day right now. Telling you exactly how to minimize bans only hurts me, and so I'm not going to.
  11. It ends up being ~250k an hour. It's not really worth it for the requirements IMO.
  12. The IP belongs to cloudfare, why it's asking permission seemingly at random, who could say.
  13. Yep, and that's how the police catch criminals. Their mom's email a list of their kids who break the law.
  14. That's because it's a free script; everyone has access. I've also heard that people using the script all end up with viruses. You should stick to the premium version.
  15. 386 Isn't a 'bot' world anymore, it's just a regular US server. If the game decided you had the best connection to that server on startup, it very likely will decide that again if you relaunch the client a few seconds later.