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  1. Tribot wont load???

    503 Response code is generally returned when the server is overloaded or down for maintenance. It's working for other people so that's clearly not the case. Maybe try turning off the tribot firewall and see if it loads then. Otherwise check your internet/proxy connection if you're using one
  2. Tribot wont load???

    It's having trouble connecting to world 90 for whatever reason. Do new client advanced and select a different world for it to load up on.

    The fact that your account is still logged in afterwards means you were probably phished. I'd wager the person is spamming the Ge on a certain world to join ultrabot or to join the osrs mobile beta, or to search "leetgp38" on youtube to win 50m
  4. Random handler not working

    Do you have the dismiss randoms option checked in your settings? Does the script disable dismissing randoms? Either of those could be the cause.
  5. Trading help

    I don't normally use trading in my scripts, but a few things are broken right now from the RS update today. This may be something else that broke; if that's the case I'd fill out a bug report. Otherwise, you'd have to find your own way to determine that the other player has accepted. I would probably do it using interfaces and finding the text "..has accepted.."
  6. Trading help

    Write a println debug to see if hasAccepted is returning true even before accepting
  7. TriBot Update

    It depends on what broke. Here it just seems to be banking, so it shouldn't be more than few hours
  8. Tribot out of memory.

    How much memory are you allocating to each client you open up?
  9. Hey, small bug I noticed with the update. If you have the "Loot items above X value" unchecked, it still opts to loot above X. So, if people are using the default (having it off/set to 0) it loots everything it sees. I was confused as to why some of my saved profiles were looting bones and other misc junk items You can just throw a high value number to stop it from looting misc. things, but thought you might want to know
  10. cant start up tri-bot

    Make sure your computer knows what to open up the .jar file with (Right click, select open with, and select your java version to run it with)
  11. Rewie'sRedCrossRemover [Disable Tribots cursor&tracer]

    the American red cross will remember this
  12. General botting client questions

    One "Workaround" you can do is to move the mouse to a corner/any edge of the screen (say right by the red report button--somewhere you don't look/click), and right click to open a looking glass tab from the menu with no client to hook to. When you do this and it doesn't have a client to hook to, it will cause a few errors (none that break the client in any way), one of which will stop the red cursor from following your mouse. It will leave a partial X on the screen whatever corner you toss it in, but at least it's out of the way. Otherwise you'd need a script that would change it/turn it off for you.
  13. fixed display showing less

    Make sure you're zoomed all the way out. (The bar above brightness).
  14. Can't find the right java to install

    Right click, open with, navigate to where you have java installed
  15. Can't find the right java to install

    Make sure you select the right java version when you open up tribot. You shouldn't need to uninstall other versions, but you can if you want.