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  1. "PLS use my referral code so i make money"
  2. Start small. Most of your hardware is probably useless, and until you figure out how to bot, all of it is. The method, and the farm management skills are 99% of it. Anybody can buy/rent some hardware; that'll get you nowhere by itself
  3. It's only bad practice in the sense that interface IDs are subject to change. If you don't mind updating them if/when they do get changed, it's not really the end of the world. Some things you could try though: -Use the 'travel log' interface. It shows places you've recently gone to and you could probably grab info from there. I think you can also set favorites and have it activate the desired teleport location from there? -Use DTMs/color to determine if the correct letter is selected in each spot -Find some other identifying aspect of the interface other than text to identify each unique letter
  4. Your while loop isn't constructed correctly. Currently It's While(true) {};. It will do nothing forever. You want your methods inside that the main loop. Also some other quick things I noticed: -Static sleeps aren't good. Look into using Timing.waitCondition; it's your best friend -You separately call your "inv" and "fish" methods, but inside your "inv" method, you call "fish". If you're going to call both of these in your main loop, you don't need to nest them. I'd recommend writing out pseudo code as a first step to help with the logic to make sure it's not redundant. -I recommend using Tribot's built in anti-ban, as it's a more developed, more human-like implementation of what you're trying to do. I believe there is an antiban class written by a prem scripter that makes implementing ABC2 into scripts easier. Even if you're not able to figure out reaction times, even just adding timed actions while fishing would be much better. -You don't length check your NPC for the fishing spot. If that method ever returns a length of 0, you'll get a Null pointer and your script will stop. -You're going to have your mouse leave the game every loop, regardless of situation. Maybe have it only leave the game if you've successfully clicked the pool and are fishing? Even then an antiban action that happens 100% of the time seems like a bad idea to me.
  5. By default, it should only make one attempt to log out. However, if the script writer chose to change what happens when the break handler starts. (Some will work in teleporting, moving away from combat, etc), it could have potentially made more attempts. My guess is that with a simple splasher it probably tried to log out, didn't because you were in combat and then stood there afk for the duration of the break/until it kicked you from the game
  6. I don't think you would want to use sleep mode with tribot. As far as I'm aware, sleep mode will disconnect anything using the internet, and do so until you take it out of sleep mode. If you have any accounts running, they'd get disconnected. Any open tribot clients would probably have to be restarted as well, because after some amount of time of internet disconnection the clients become invalid, and you'll be unable to start scripts
  7. People always say this, but every ISP i've ever seen favors giving you back the same IP when you reconnect, and most also have a lease time of 24-74hrs, that auto renews if you're connected at any point in the tail end of the lease(somewhere between 33-50% time remaining on the lease). For most people I don't think it's as simple as power cycling their modem. It's more like "Disconnect your internet, leave it disconnected for long enough(24-72 hours?) for the lease to expire, hope your IP is taken from the pool and used elsewhere so it doesn't reassign you the same one"
  8. No, you wouldn't get banned for pretending to act like a bot. Because your mouse interactions would appear to be a human who is just playing stupidly. You couldn't mimic how the tribot mouse moves if you tried, just how tribot can't properly mimic a human no matter how hard it may try. Not to mention, you playing 'like a bot' would be your unique mouse movements, separate from everyone else. Tl;dr there's a myriad of ways that can distinguish a player from a bot, because anti-ban features are just 'human-like', and they're hardly that. They try to be human, but it's near impossible to get a computer to act completely 'human'. You can bot successfully but you need to find what works for you. You just made a noobie mistake by botting a gold-farming activity, with a public script, that's heavily watched. You even said yourself that you got to 1.2k+ total botting. Now that you got hit with one temp ban, you're acting as if it's impossible. It's not, you just suck at it.
  9. You botted a gold-farming activity, and you got banned for it. I can bot certain activities 24/7 on 'main' accounts on a residential IP, and yet 30 minutes runecrafting could be enough to get that account banned. I suggest avoiding any activity that attracts gold farmers. Air orb runners take only a few hours to get up and running, and only about 10 hours of run-time to pay for themselves, so it's a common spot for people to farm en-masse.
  10. As long as you've logged in recently it should store that information indefinitely. I haven't had to input my login info for months after the initial sign in on each server
  11. Turn off all your ingame sounds on the accounts running on your VPS and that will fix it. It's a long standing memory leak that happens when you run tribot on a computer/server that doesn't have a sound card.
  12. The OP doesn't say it's a farming contract script. Adam assumes that is what it is based on his very vague description. The Original poster says that it's a great script to make premium and sell for $10. However, he hides what specifically it is, never mentioning farming contracts or what it is, other than 'it can be done with a mouse recorder'. He's hiding the details like he wants it to be private. Plus, the fact that it can be done with a mouse recorder according to OP means it's probably not contracts, as you wouldn't be able to plan around random contracts?
  13. I'm not even talking to him I'm talking to the OP. I think you need to look again....
  14. You haven't listed what you're offering roughly, or what the script entails. You say it's a great script to make premium and sell, but then you're acting as if you want a private script.
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