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  1. Some feedback: If you log in and the shopkeeper is not on screen, it uses dax-walker to try to walk to the shopkeeper. There's odd shops in areas that aren't mapped out by dax-walker. Maybe if dax-walker fails it trys just walking to the npc tile directly before killing script? In my short test the NPC generally was just a few tiles off screen
  2. The reason you're not going to want to buy from big account leveling sites/etc is that it's going to be cost prohibitive for botting. Want a zulrah account? Sure thing, just pay them 120M. Need some stats for your method? That'll be 70M. You're going to find that in most cases it's better to build the accounts yourself. There are some cases where it can be worth it to pay for services (maybe you're botting all the requirements except 2-3 quests you need), but you've got to figure that out for yourself. I have and do sell accounts to certain gold-farmers regularly, but only because I bot all the requirements, which allows my price to be lower than other sellers. It's a fine line though, because it's only worth it for me at a certain price. If I go too cheap, then why not just bot that method myself?
  3. Sythe is probably your best bet. Post what you need there and people will tell you what they charge per account. Having people train the stats from your fresh lvl 3 is the safer way to go in general, even if it's slightly more expensive.
  4. Small bug I noticed with traveling on Karamja: When traveling from Karamja --> Port sarim, Daxwalker can't handle the NPCchat unless you have completed pirate's treasure. If you haven't completed that quest, there's additional dialogue b/c you have to be 'searched' before traveling. Happens most often because you try to travel somewhere around port sarim/rimmington and the fastest calculated method is glory--> Karamja then take boat
  5. With that profile it will: run for 4 hours break for 30 min run for 45 minutes, break for 10 hours then keep running until script is stopped
  6. Your breaks overlap with their randomness, so one might activate before the other. You need to consider the time spent breaking when adding multiple break timers. For example. If i had 2 breaks: After 1 HR, break 12 hours. After 13 hours, break 12 hours. This would: Run for 1 hr. Break for 12 hours. Come back at 13 hours, instantly break again for 12 hours. Runtime still keeps counting up while you're on break
  7. This means DaxWalker which handles the walking for the script is at capacity. It probably uses the public key and is full on requests atm
  8. Go into settings and try disabling tribot firewall. Some premium scripts require some connections that may be getting blocked
  9. [13:18:37] Script Stack Trace: [13:18:37] java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method) [13:18:37] obf.wb.tb(fc:207) [13:18:37] obf.ze.Eb(bg:19) [13:18:37] org.tribot.api.General.sleep(qm:202) [13:18:37] scripts.api.b.g(GeniuSWait.java:13) [13:18:37] scripts.api.b$$Lambda$2711/942494917.getAsBoolean(Unknown Source) [13:18:37] org.tribot.api.Timing.waitCondition(qk:79) [13:18:37] scripts.api.b.g(GeniuSWait.java:12) [13:18:37] scripts.api.a.A(GeniuSNPCs.java:23) [13:18:37] scripts.p2pquester.f.fa.n.A(TalkingToAlice.java:28) [13:18:37] scripts.p2pquester.P2PQuester.A(P2PQuester.java:90) [13:18:37] scripts.p2pquester.f.fa.p.A(RandomAnimalMagnatism.java:27) [13:18:37] scripts.p2pquester.P2PQuester.A(P2PQuester.java:90) [13:18:37] scripts.p2pquester.P2PQuester.run(P2PQuester.java:81) Animal magnetism, it was stuck in a loop trying to talk to the farmer girl Alice, when it needed to talk to the farmer guy. Had to manually keep talking between them until it got to the next point in the quest, where it goes to talk to the old crone Edit: Also noticed it getting stuck going from Karamja-->Draynor on the ship. If you don't have the shortened dialogue unlocked from the quest, it gets stuck trying to take the boat
  10. On waterfall quest, noticed it get stuck trying to click the door to enter the dungeon. The camera angle was in such a way that the tree blocked the door. It was stuck hovering over the tree trying to click the door
  11. Are you creating an instance of ABCUtil? If not, then it won't start the thread that is responsible for tracking when those actions are supposed to occur
  12. Noticed a few bugs here and there: Waterfall Quest: If a misclick happens adding the runes to the pillars in the final room, it will continue on and get killed trying to finish the quest Animal Magnetism: After it buys the pots/buckets of slime from the charter vendor, Daxwalker is called and tries to talk to the charter ship person, but can't because the shop interface is open, and gets stuck. Priest in Peril: When swapping the golden key for the iron one, if it misclicks a pillar, it will get stuck standing there until you manually click the pillar. Will let you know more as I notice them
  13. Just trading would be fine. You're simply just not at the scale where RWT/mule chain bans are going to be an issue. I would recommend having your mule be on a its own IP, separate from any of those that are botting though
  14. The mouse behaves in the same way it just doesn't paint the red crosshair on your screen, the CPU gain is probably pretty negligible though. The main way to reduce CPU is to increase client paint delay to the highest you can manage without negatively affecting your script
  15. I would recommend a walking system that uses an offset for positioning. The tiles may be different every time, but (I'm assuming) the map is the same every time. Find an object/objects to be your positioning system. If this specific object is at (X,Y), you know that safe zone 1 is then (X+86,Y+23) for example.
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