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  1. Be sure that you navigated to the correct file. Even though you're using JDK for looking glass, you have to edit the security\java.policy in the folder of the JRE version you are using.
  2. You need to navigate to this file, right click it, and click properties. Then give it full control, and LG should work.
  3. I prefer to pay for dedicated server space personally. It's really not that much more expensive. Sure, you're getting the mark-up for renting someone else's hardware, but at the same time, large data-centers are about as efficient as can be so it may not be much more expensive. For me, in NY, electricity is particularly expensive. So, let's say the average botting PC will be drawing 300 watts of power, running 24/7. That's about $40 a month in electricity @ .19/KWH. Server hardware tends to be louder/draw more power too, so that number may be even higher. Then, you have to house the physical PC somewhere, and then, in warmer months, the heat it generates can make a room uncomfortably warm at times. If you're air conditioning the room, sure you may never notice, but you're still paying more to cool that room. To a lesser extent, it also does take up bandwidth. Runescape doesn't take much bandwidth, but if you live in a place where you pay by the GB (I personally don't, I know some countries/areas do) that would alsol be a factor. Short version: Yes, renting server space is more expensive, but it's really not that much more expensive when you consider electricity. There's also the noise/heat it generates to consider, and it takes up physical space in your house. Also, if jagex kills botting tomorrow, you simply don't renew your VPS subscription. If you invest in hardware, you're 'stuck with it'.
  4. No, not really. Babysitting is only useful if you know the script has a bug/is prone to getting stuck and you babysitting would mean you'd be there to catch/correct it.
  5. What were you advertising?
  6. Yeah; something's definitely up. Certain accounts I bot that i expect to get banned every ~2 days (botting 24/7) or so have been up for almost 10 days. I'm loving the extra profit, but it's definitely something you can't expect to last. Not to mention a random account I've had doing BF for 120 hours straight is still alive.
  7. For these actions I believe the recommended course of action is a basic sleep with some variation. Every so many trees you could call the ABC reaction time where it waits a few seconds before moving to the next tree. It's really supposed to simulate clicking something then going afk/tabbing out for a few seconds then coming back. Obviously if you're chopping normal trees and you need to click once every few seconds, this isn't feasible. It's more appropriate for when you're fletching an inv of logs, smelting c-balls, etc, things that take a while, where the player would naturally tab out/go afk/do something else while it completes
  8. Basically: I have no idea how anything works, so I'm going to copy and paste a bullet point on Jagex's website and when people question my flawed logic, I'll opt out of the conversation. Anyone looking for any serious information, I can tell you that Java version is irrelevant. Running an older version of java or the newest one will have no effect on your ban frequency. Hardware ID, is irrelevant as well. What information do I have to back this up? On the same hardware I have had thousands of accounts banned doing almost every method imaginable, and yet have had others co-exist unharmed on the same hardware for months at a time. If they linked accounts via Hardware ID, my mules and accounts botting for months 24/7 would surely be effected. Thus it's safe to conclude that isn't being done, or if it is, my case shows an unbelievably grotesque amount of incompetence on Jagex's part. As far as 'maxthon' browser goes, I can't personally say. However, almost every browser supports the use of proxies, and so if you fear using this browser has some adverse effect on your ban frequency, use another one. It's really that simple. People are always looking for some magic answer to completely avoid bans, and it's never the case. Nobody knows exactly how Jagex conducts their bans, but I can tell you it's heavily based on in-game data collection. From someone who bots 50-100 accounts consistently, and brings in a fair amount from botting, stop looking for the gimmick, the trick, the workaround, and instead write solid scripts, come up with creative methods, and find your limits/profit potential with each script you use.
  9. Do people actually play runescape?
  10. Many companies will do a small charge right away that is refunded to determine the legitimacy of the card. You should be credited that money back shortly. If it appeared 9 times, it's probably because you tried to do it many times.
  11. I would wait a bit and see what happens with bans; a few weeks ago the same thing happened, and most people got their accounts banned. Then, it was fine for a few weeks again. Try running accounts with less money on them if you're worried about losing out.
  12. Ok, you can try this: Open a new text file (notepad or the linux equivalent you have) and type this into it: java -jar tribot.jar Note: 'tribot.jar' should be whatever the Jar file is named as. Then, save it as run.bat. Then, put run.bat, and the tribot.jar in a folder together, either on your desktop or anywhere else. Then, open the run.bat and it should open tribot for you. If that doesn't work, try installing JDK if you haven't already. you shouldn't need jdk to open tribot but it couldn't hurt to try.
  13. What version of java did you install? Make sure it's the correct version for your OS. Be sure that it's trying to open it with java and not something else by default
  14. Spikes like that are attributed to either poorly written code or a very CPU-intensive method, more often the former than the latter. Most commonly, I've seen people use for/while loops without any pause between loops, and that tends to cause a spike in CPU. There's tons of other things that could cause it though, so it's hard to say. Java version, script, what it's doing when CPU spikes, LG/non-lg, computer specs, all come into play as well.
  15. Some scripts interact poorly with tabs. Are you using tabs or two separate clients? If you're using tabs on one client, try loading two separate clients and see if that helps.