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  1. Adventure_Time

    Break Handler (intermediate)

    If you're using the built-in break handler, it's really just a matter of math. You just need to work out breaks such that they'll have you in-game for the desired amount of time, and will loop every 24hr (before accounting for any randomness in the breaks).
  2. Adventure_Time

    Bank pin system broken?

    It's clicking the pin screen because you're calling Banking.openBank(); over and over again. It's trying to right click the banker/bankbooth to open the bank, but the bank is already open. You need to not call for it to open the bank if the bank is open, and should add a waitcondition for when it successfully clicks the bank booth/banker.
  3. Adventure_Time

    What is a DTM?

    DTM's are completely unrelated to what you're trying to do. RSAREA_NAME.contains(Player.getPosition) is what you want to do. DTMs are essentially taking a set of points and comparing their relative location/color/etc to determine if an object/model is shown on the screen. Color bots use them pretty frequently
  4. Adventure_Time

    Cant use bot, insta banning

    Hmm, for me, tutorial locks/bans disappeared completely. All my accounts make it out fine, and start up as normal. However, I notice way more bans when leveling up reqs, usually around day 2-4 of leveling. I think the accounts that would have been locked in the past are the ones getting the bans as far as I can tell.
  5. @Aropupu Hey, I've noticed lately that the script will sometimes get stuck at MLM by misclicking the poll booth opening up the poll interface and then timing out from inactivity. Might be some lag on my end causing it, and it only happens rarely but an option to close out the poll booth interface if it misclicks would be a nice addition. Interface ID of the poll booth window is 310
  6. Adventure_Time

    Login issues

    Just don't save your username and it should log in fine.
  7. Adventure_Time

    Script starts, cant see the gui tho

    Try running tribot in lite mode. Some GUI's have issues loading when that option isn't checked. Probably something to do with the themes/how people write their GUI code I would guess.
  8. Adventure_Time

    Clicking Trade on wrong player

    Because, when you right click and the choose option menu opens, it finds the desired choice by the string you pass to it. I don't think there's a bug, that's just how it works. It's the same where there may be multiple of the same option in one choose-menu. Looting for example; you can't just find the ground item and have it click "loot", because it'll just left click the item that happens to be on the top of the stack. You have to filter by a string such that it'll only return one option if you want it to reliably click the right thing. For players, that means player name. For loot, that means loot name, or ID (ID is sometimes useful as some monsters drop both a noted/non-noted version of an item, and you may only want one of them).
  9. [15:52:16] java.lang.NullPointerException [15:52:16] at scripts.aMinerNEW.qb.L(Failsafes.java:185) [15:52:16] at scripts.aMinerNEW.ac.L(BankHandler.java:875) [15:52:16] at scripts.aMinerNEW.b.L(Motherlode.java:359) [15:52:16] at scripts.aMinerNEW.b.B(Motherlode.java:188) [15:52:16] at scripts.aMinerNEW.b.K(Motherlode.java:125) [15:52:16] at scripts.aMinerNEW.Main.l(Main.java:291) [15:52:16] at scripts.aMinerNEW.Main.run(Main.java:157) [15:52:16] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) Got a random NPE that I hadn't seen in before after using the script for quite a while. @Aropupu ; As far as I can tell the script failed to click either the bank chest, or the deposit-all button at MLM
  10. Adventure_Time

    Help with getLoginResponse()

  11. Adventure_Time


    I recommend using OBS or some other recording software to capture the window, that way you can watch it back and see what's happening. Turn on ingame fps/any relevant debug options, so you can easily tell what the cause is when you watch it back. My guess is that whatever your Operating system/Tribot does to reduce CPU while minimized is degrading performance. Usually that won't matter, but for tasks that require more precise clicks/reactions/etc, it may have an effect on performance.
  12. Adventure_Time

    Trilex you are getting there

    Found him!
  13. Adventure_Time

    Creating a lizardman shaman script

    You'd have to -Have it travel to/from the bank as needed -Have it avoid the periodic 3 purple ooze things they spawn that explode and deal damage if you don't run away in time. -Have it stand near an edge/avoid them when they jump up in the air and stomp down on players. -Eat/pray as needed, loot as needed, utilize a cannon if you're looking for it to do that. -It's a multi-combat zone, and a crowded space, so players stealing your kills/vice versa could be an issue. -There's only 3 per world, so competition is generally high. World-hopping if one world gets too crowded is probably a good idea. -It's not too dangerous, but deathwalking is probably a good idea as bugs/lag/etc will happen, even if the logic is sound. It's not too difficult, the hardest part is co-existing with legitimate players in a crowded area/dealing with the few extra special abilities they have.
  14. Adventure_Time

    Deleting hooks.dat isn't fixing my issue

    The best thing you could do is post the debug of the error that you're getting when running the script on his script thread. He/regular users of his script would be the best people to help you figure it out
  15. Adventure_Time

    Need help with proxy usage

    Proxies from datacenters tend to lead to locks on tutorial island. Jagex essentially flags most major datacenters, because 99.9% of accounts made there are bots. They figure if an account is legit, they'd easily be able to spend 5 minutes to unlock it, while it would be an annoying setback for someone who may be botting 10-100+ accounts. Once tutorial island is finished, the locks no longer happen. Note, that the initial tutorial island lock may come after your first log-out, which is where some people experience it after 'leveling fresh accounts a bit' locks. Proxies are used to separate accounts from each other. When running many accounts from a single IP, the general consensus is that it leads to increased ban frequencies, and that it makes it far more likely to be chain-banned.