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  1. Charvie

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    lol thanks man. Could you add an xp failsafe? to prevent retards like me doing the same thing again
  2. Charvie

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    @Encoded The script clicked the black abyss tile for 7 hours, only stopping for breaks. Resizable LG x64 Debug spoiler:
  3. Charvie

    Premium scripts gone?

    This is ridiculous. All that should've been done is a single instance limit put on lifetime scripts to stop the gold farmers. I bot on a single account, it's not worth it at all to continue buying every month, because im not farming, it's just a convenience thing.
  4. Charvie


    Seconded. But it works for lantern lenses.
  5. Here is a list of all NPC IDs. Great for setting up the script for slayer tasks, ensuring superior foes are fought. (https://github.com/Karn/osrs.me/blob/master/data/raw/npcs.json) @Tri and option for superior support would be fantastic - so that the script would know to pray for the superiors. Let me know if you need anymore input
  6. Sorry. Pickpocketing Ardy knight @ house. Stack of people there, might've misclicked.
  7. LG fixed Also, for some reason the script accidentally clicked on report, and it was clicking on the report box for an hour. Ban likely, but would a 5 min xp failsafe be possible to implement in future?
  8. @Laniax is it possible to optimise this script? I'm having performance issues with this script in particular with CPU resource usage. Similar thievers do not use the same resources. Is this possible to rectify? Perhaps by having computation timing, rather than constantly going? Not sure. 4770k @ 4.6ghz, so it's not exactly a pentium.
  9. Restart client x3, delete hooks.dat etc. Works more often than not. Check java version and/or development release box checked. (LG doesn't work for me in dev release)
  10. Would it be possible to add a custom food field? I've got bulk karambwan on my ironman that I'm planning on using
  11. hey @laniax, the script is running great. One request would be that when the Ardy master farmer is 'stuck' inside the house, that the script moves now and then to prevent it from despawning. I've looked in chat to see a number of people flaming for not moving, getting called bots for not moving, and subsequently despawning.
  12. Charvie

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Yeah LG on both accs. I will say that I obviously can't be sure it was this script, as I've pretty reliably been botting for the past 9 months, but this is the only new thing I tried out recently. The script itself is great, but it's quite click intensive and I think I let it run too long without breaks. If you do decide to use it just don't be complacent in your normal anti-bot activity or you could use a 2k total level like me lol