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  1. Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Yeah LG on both accs. I will say that I obviously can't be sure it was this script, as I've pretty reliably been botting for the past 9 months, but this is the only new thing I tried out recently. The script itself is great, but it's quite click intensive and I think I let it run too long without breaks. If you do decide to use it just don't be complacent in your normal anti-bot activity or you could use a 2k total level like me lol
  2. Hey @Fluffee when I'm starting the account creator the script is crashing with this error in client debug and this in bot debug
  3. @Usa is the account maker working mate? It progresses to the point where it idles for a minute on "Statuse: Creating account named "xxxxxxxxx"" then gives a Display "xxxxxxxxxx" is not available. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Works flawlessly on Australian ping 200-250. On a good day without Dc's atleast. Script itself is beautiful. Edit: Main permed and iron permed after using. Careful to use breaks as it's click intensive.
  5. Hi @laniax, Getting this error and script stopping while attempting to thieve ardy master farmer Also when running back to the farmer the script runs a far bit further north than it needs to, looks a bit bot like if done repeatedly (which it is). Also having issues today with NPC detection, where the script will orange outline an NPC, then hop worlds. When hopped worlds it will still try and click the orange outline where the NPC is no longer (due to the hop). Should've grabbed a screenshot, forgot though.
  6. Fixed itself lol With the release of fossil island and walking paths not working, have you had any thought to the ability of creating custom banking paths? Something like in exBuyer where you just specify certain tiles and it just follows those
  7. @Tri I'm having an issue where the script isnt drinking pray pots. Everything seems normal with the setup and I've restarted the client a few times + deleted hook.dat . Are you aware of anything?
  8. It's still broken for me It'll fish, then feed, then right click to interact, but wont click anything on the interact menu. It will then begin fishing, and repeat the process.
  9. Hey @Druid would you be able to allow banking from the hardwood grove via Rionasta or another alternative to bank mahogany / teak. Currently when getting full invent @hardwood im getting this
  10. @Tri bot was getting in a failed to eat loop trying to click on food for 5 minutes because there was noted monkfish in inventory. Is there a way to stop this from happening? Luckily 5 minute xp stopper caught it
  11. Hi @laniax, bought a 14 day auth to trial and am enjoying the script. One thing when thieving Ardy knight in the house, when the other one walks by or there is another on int the north room, the script will attempt to thieving that one through walls, which obviously looks very botlike. In addition the script will not move so the knight will often despawn which naturally makes people super pissed off, and probably attracts some reports. Would it be possible for the script to only thieve the knight that's only on the two house tiles, unless the knight is not detected on them, as well as only thieving from the adjacent two tiles to prevent the knight from despawning?
  12. Legend Another idea if you're planning more updates is the ability to select custom fight tiles while safespotting, would definitely make using the GUI easier and be more reliable than having the circle sometimes aggro NPCs you don't want to